Commercial and office painting

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Commercial painting is a higher painting project compared to office painting both are done by a commercial painter. In office painting, the painting sections to be painted are smaller in size; this makes the painting job easy and can be done by a single painter. While commercial painting involves bigger sections and larger structure or business complexes, which cannot be managed by a single commercial painter. A lot of painters have to be employed to carry out commercial painting in order to meet up with the specific time required to finish the project.            The quantities of paint used during commercial painting are usually higher compared to the amount used in office painting. The tools for painting are more in commercial painting as compared to painting an office. The money spent on business or commercial painting are higher than that of office painting.


Painting contractor

Painting contractor is a person or a company whose duty is to maintain properties in the building sector of the economy. They specialize in the painting of different types of building structures which include: offices, business buildings, residential houses, factories, administrative buildings depending on the resources at their disposal. Most painting contractors get their jobs directly from the owners of properties. While few find jobs from real estate firms and companies who does maintenance.


 Duties of an office painting contractor


To get jobs, an office painting contractor has to bid against other contractors. For a contractor to make a good bid He needs to do a proper estimation of the money and time it requires to execute the job. They assess the area, a number of offices and some other jobs that need attention before carrying out the project.

Preparation of the site

Good preparation is vital to the success of the project. Wall cracks will need filling before painting; old peels have to be removed also. The surface has to be cleaned properly before the application of paint.

The painting

For a perfect finish, the paint has to be applied more times than normal. They will have to apply and leave the first coat to dry before adding the finishing coat to achieve a more accurate result. After painting, they remove all tools used and return the office back to normal.

Financial management

Office painting contractors must try to keep records of expenses procured during the project. They will have to prepare a financial account for the customers stating income used. This will help them to know if they are making a profit or not. Proper analysis has to be carried out on the job done. They can also have a blog or website to showcase their business and expatriate in the field.

It is very important to get a nice and beautiful office painting that will not only dazzle your visitors but will make them respect you. There are good and experienced office painting contractor long island one can contract for a beautiful office painting.

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