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Have you ever wondered why an allergy doctor is often required when you feel some problems due to asthma? It might seem foolish to many when someone tells the relation between allergy and asthma, by which these two are closely related. An allergy can be often observed in the body when the immune system of the body does some mistake in identifying the real invader into the body, perceiving a harmless substance to be a harmful one and when such happens, allergic symptoms can be easily observed in the form of fever, skin itches, nasal swelling and many other symptoms. There is also a pressing need for providing good quality allergy and asthma services so as to make common people informed about the causes, treatment and consequences of allergy and asthma, for the reason to remain aware and fight off the problems.


Asthma is a quite common disease to be found in people which is identified by increased bronchi reactivity, obstructions in the airway passage and inflammation. The causes of asthma include allergic and non-allergic. The allergic asthma is commonly caused by dust mites, food, seasonal pollen and spores. Children are particularly vulnerable to asthma caused by food.

Smoke, hot and cold weather, chemicals and medicines are some of the other non-allergic causes of asthma. The genetic differences can also trigger asthma, especially in the children. In a recent study, it has been revealed that if one has a family history of asthma allergy, it is more likely that the person will also suffer from asthma allergy. Environment exposure to individuals suspect to asthma allergy in early years is also an important factor which contributes to asthma allergy.


There are many treatments available in the market to cure both asthma and allergy simultaneously, though the primary treatments are available separately for each, asthma and allergy.

Montelukast is a drug commonly suggested to ease the asthma and allergy problems, you might be suffering with. This drug controls the chemicals released by the immune system of the body. However, in some rare cases, this drug seems to boost many psychological reactions, which includes suicidal thoughts. So before using this drug, a visit to physician is strictly recommended.

Immunotherapy is also a common therapy used to cure asthma and allergy. Allergy shots are found to reduce immune reaction to many allergies, thus helping in controlling asthma and allergy doctor. The bottom-line is that you should seek a specialist in case you encounter with asthma and allergy together.


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