Finding a Doctor for Your Back Pain

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Back pain is said as a general issue and most of the time it subsides without any help of local orthopedic doctors. But, if a person is suffering from consistent issue and not recovering from the general treatments then it is the time to visit a specialist. Back pain can be taken place due to several reasons and it can be treated by specialist only who has proficiency in treating that pain. There are different types of specialist that would help in dealing with back pain other than orthopedic doctors. Finding right specialist to help you in dealing with back pain can be a major issue many times.

How to Proceed with Finding a Specialist?

If you need a specialist help to deal with your severe back pain then you should follow the given process:

  • Primary Care Doctors

Primary care doctors are the one who would help you to understand the basic issues with your back. These doctors would superficially treat the symptoms and try to cure any general issue if there is nothing major. If the issue is major then he would recommend for the specialist to get proper treatment. These doctors include your primary care physicians, Orthopedic or Osteopathic doctors and Chiropractors. All these people have sufficient knowledge to help you to deal with any general back pain that is causing restlessness.


  • Therapists

Therapists have expertise in occupational or physical rehabilitation of back pain or psychological help for chronic pain. These professionals would help you with physical treatments and psychological methods to overcome the pain. Experts in this group include Clinical psychologist, Physical therapists and Occupational therapists. They may help you to a great extent by relocating and with physical practices that would strengthen and stretch back muscles. Primary doctors may recommend taking help of these doctors to overcome pain.


  • Spine Specialists

Spine specialists are practitioners who deal with more acute conditions of back pain. They have expertise to deal with all spinal conditions. They would diagnose and treat the acute internal issues that are causing back pain. Specialist in this section is Rheumatologists, Anesthesiologists, Physiatrist, Surgeons and Neurologists. These specialists would deal with the nerves and spinal issues causing back pain. Different treatment and rarely surgery would be required to deal back pains that are chronic and non-responsive to other treatments.


If you are suffering from severe back ache and not getting any relief from the normal treatments then knock to the back pain specialist mclean va before this problem become your major health issue.

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