Job Description of Computer Programmers

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Computer programmers are the highly knowledgeable people in computer programing who write codes that help in the creation of software programs that we use daily. They twist the program design that is initially created by software engineers and developers with a set of instructions that a computer can easily follow. If a specific program does not work properly, a computer programmer checks the code for mistakes and fixes those particular mistakes.

Job duties of programs

Computer programmers work in close coordination with the software engineers or developers. The major tasks that a programmer does are as listed under:

  • Write programs on different types of computer languages like COBOL, C++, and Java
  • Expand and also do the updating for the existing programs.
  • Repair the programs by testing for errors and also fixing those errors.
  • Build and use the CASE tools that are made to assist the software design and to mechanize them for the writing of some code
  • Make use of the libraries containing the collection of independent code lines to simplify the writing of a particular code.

Some programs are very simple and hence take less time to be written in comparison to the other ones. An example of such a program is creating mobile applications for cell phones. Other programs mainly the ones that are designed for the operating systems are more complicated and can take more time to be completed.

Important qualities in computer programmers:

The main qualities that must form the core of a computer programmer jobs are:

  1. Computer programmers must have good analytical skills to understand complicated instructions for creating or developing a computer code.
  2. Computer programmers must be able to work with a lot of concentration on a computer so that they can write the lines of code in a correct manner and for a longer duration of time.
  3. They must be well aware of all the details of the code they write as even a small mistake in it can spoil their whole effort.
  4. Also, computer programmers must have highly efficient troubleshooting skills so that they can check a code and fix it for errors if any.
  5. He must be a highly creative, flexible, independent and disciplined individual.
  6. Last, but not the least, a computer programmer job must have a motivation to work and enthusiasm for programming.

All these qualities make a person fit to enter the computer programming field.


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