Preventing Seasonal Allergies – 5 Tested and Proven Methods

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People who are suffering from seasonal allergy know very well that how daunting and irritating the spring season can be. During this period of time you cannot stop sneezing, you cannot go outside and you will also suffer from shoring throat, runny nose, and sneezing, watery and itchy eyes.

Manifestations of Seasonal Allergies

Though this is not very dangerous condition, but it can be irritating and uncomfortable health condition for sufferers and it can very severely interrupt our daily activities.

Differentiate Seasonal Allergies from Common Cold

Symptoms of seasonal allergies generally occur suddenly and it will continue as long as sufferers exposed to allergen. The color of Nasal discharge is generally clear than a common cold. Sneezing is one of the prominent features of the Seasonal Allergies and it is very commonly connected with wheezing.

There are ways to help you to make the seasonal changes easier.

  1. Consuming essential fatty acids is considered one of the best ways to lower the seasonal allergy symptom. According to the study essential fatty acids and flaxseed have the capacity to reduce allergic reactions.
  2. Take extra Vitamin C on daily basis. Vitamin C will be able to lower the histamine amount which generally found in blood. Try to eat huge amount of fruits and vegetables which contain vitamin C. It will help your body to fight off any type of colds.
  3. Monitor the mold and pollen counts regular basis. Keeping your eyes on the counts of pollen and mold, you will understand when it is safe for you to go outside. Keep the doors and window tightly close, it can also help you to prevent from the seasonal allergies.
  4. The pollens are microscopic, you cannot see it, but it will get into your system very swiftly. While gardening or went for a walk, just take off your clothes properly and then wash it as soon as possible, you can easily keep the pollen away from you.
  5. Try to wash your hair before going to bed. If you were outside throughout the day, the pollen could be trapped your hair easily.

If you suffer from severe allergies, it is best to consult with a doctor who will be able to provide the most appropriate treatment. If you want to consult with a good allergist, just visit allergy clinic near me Centreville where you can get the proper treatment of your allergies.

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