Rental tents – the best for your wedding ceremony

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To make a wedding event memorable, you must have a perfect wedding tent rental. After selecting the venue and various other aspects, you must choose the right type of tent. Here in this article you will find all such things that would be helpful to choose the right one for you.

Tents – the types and utility

You will always like to have a square tent for the wedding purpose. A rectangular space may not accommodate all the invited people. So, a square tent will be ideal. Note down the surface area of the tent, since the rate will be decided for each square foot. Make sure that your guests feel comfortable in the space and they do not feel clumsy. The two types of structures, maintained for wedding tent are:

  • The frame tents – This is the tent where you can accommodate more people. However, the structure of these tents is complicated. If you are looking for a bigger tent, then this one is the best for you.
  • Pole tents – These tents look great and same patterned. Generally, these tents are, dependent of the space. This is due to the circular structure of the frame.

Each of the above two type of tent have some pros and cons. Just go through them and you will be able to identify your requirement. Look at the utility of the above mentioned tent types.

Pros and cons

Pros of Pole Tents

  • The roof of this type of tent is swooping. Hence it is going to give your guests much pleasure.
  • They are less expensive for the simple structure
  • There will be frames. So, no need of covering.
  • Set up time required, is much less.


Cons of a Pole tent

  • There will be a centre pole and hence may lead to obstruction.
  • The structure will be staked to the ground. Hence one may feel the obstruction.

Pros of a Frame tent

  • The tent can be erected on any surface.
  • If you are looking to expand the area of your ceremony, this one is the best for accommodating all.
  • No poles in the structure. Hence no obstruction at all.

Cons of a Frame tent

  • The price factor is always here. It is costlier.
  • Frames are visible from all sides. You will have to ride some expensive liner here.
  • The setup time is more.

After you have gone through the whole article you are ready to book a tent. Along with the tent booking, check out the table and chair rentals DC to give your party an accomplishing looks.

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