Watch out for the popular choice for hair straightening

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A perfect hairstyle is one of the most common aspects that one looks for, and Brazilian Keratin treatment is used as a common ingredient of hair straightening. Quest for style is unending and with each passing day, new innovations are cropping up to serve the customized purpose of taste and aptitude. Hair straightening is a popular means of innovating new hairstyles and in Brazil, hair straightening is commonly done by combining liquid keratin with thepreservative solution. Then the mixture is applied to the hair with the help of a hair iron.

Hair straightening treatment

The process of hair straightening involves the application of high concentration of regulated chemicals to the hair in order to change their nature. The main objective of the treatment is to remove all the hair frizz and curls from the hair. The natural texture of the hair is altered, and the effects last for about three months. Thus, the effect is temporary. If one wants to continue with the process, he or she needs to undergo the same treatment every three months.

Even if the hair has been treated in various ways in the past, it can be straightened. This includes all sorts of coloured, bleached or dyed hair. So, you can straighten your hair even if you have applied other methods to get stylish hair in the past. The effect is not far to seek. Almost 80% of the curls are removed when you apply the process. The process has been continuously gaining popularity all over the world and in the last decade, it has been extensively used in many countries for style and innovative looks, in spite of certain restrictions imposed on them by some nations.

Side effects of hair straightening:

You are not free from the long-term side effects when you go for the treatment. The quality of your hair is affected when they are treated with chemicals. It is for this reason that the method has been banned in many nations, including Canada and the European Union. The method of treating the hair, according to some experts, is not proper. In future, the hair tends to be brittle and cannot be brought back to their original form. Thus, the process turns up to be irreversible in the end and in order to get back the original hair; a lot of complicated processes are involved.

However, the hair smoothing treatment is quite popular in other parts of the world where people often try to bring a complete change in their looks with the help of hair straightening.

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