What is a good IQ score?

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Wondering what is a good IQ score? An IQ stands for ‘Intelligence Quotient’ and when it comes to interpreting it, there are many variables. Besides the number of IQ tests, there are scoring scales that are involved too. Different scales tend to gauge intelligence at different levels. The average IQ score is set at 100 and if it exceeds to somewhat around 130 or 135, it is a good IQ figure. A lot depends on the type of test you appeared for. If the IQ test was excellent enough to cover several areas of the intelligence then the score of 130+ is the genius score. Actually IQ is just a rough measurement or the assessment of academic intelligence and fails to take into account social and environmental factors like schooling and the society where the person lives. Even the background is not taken into account.

Is the IQ test reliable?

An IQ test must not be taken very seriously. However, it can only provide a very rough idea of the academic intelligence. Then, not every IQ test is comprehensive or standardized. Relevance of the test is largely determined by the standardized scale that is used. A standardized IQ test finds out the average by considering the sample group of people belonging to different religions, races and communities. Hence, a general IQ test must never be considered reliable and authentic.

The Good, average and below the average IQ score

While calculating and interpreting IQ, it has been found that the average IQ score of the test is 100. This figure is intact for most of the IQ tests. It is seen that individuals have an IQ level ranging between 85 and 110. While determining the intelligence level of the child, everything needs to be considered including the current physical state of the child, the family environment, the external elements like the level of distraction. This will help in calculating the exact potentiality of the child. Thus, the range is within 5 points on the given day when the test is conducted. It justifies why a child who scored 85 in the IQ test last day, scores a 100 on the present day. Outside variable plays an important role whether the child will have a good IQ level or not. If the child scores between 100 and 115, then it is a good score. If he/she manages to score between 130 and 150, then the child is gifted. A score of 170 confirms that the child is a genius.

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