Can sleep disorder cause weight gain?

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Many people do not understand the importance of healthy sleep in maintaining body weight steady. Healthy sleep not only provides you a feeling of relaxation, it also helps to maintain a healthy body.  But if one person is not able to get enough sleep as mentioned above, it can cause several serious sleep disorder problems requiring treatment from a sleep study center. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea can make one feel tired and lazy. Weight gain usually occurs as a result of over eating and a sedentary way of life.

The uninterrupted sound sleep not only provides relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and soul, it also helps in repairing the body.  Most people need seven to nine hours sleep every night. This seems like a lot of time in the present busy world.

Sleep disorder study

More study has been conducted regarding the relationship between sleep disorders and weight gain in sleep study center. It has undoubtedly proved that weight gain and sleep problems go hand in hand. In one study reported in the journal for obesity, 5,700 middle aged women who did not get enough sleep at night took part. It is found that good percentage of these women were obese. In another group who slept peacefully for seven to eight hours per day, the number of persons who were obese was considerably less.

Lack of sound sleep can do more damage than keeping you tired and depressed. Many important functions like maintaining a healthy immune system and balancing one’s appetite take place in human body while sleeping. In sleep, the hormone that controls the hunger of a person becomes active. If you need not get necessary rest through sound sleep these levels will get disrupted making you to feel like eating more. This over eating consequently leads to increase in weight. Excess weight can narrow the airway and snoring or wheezing is experienced as air is compelled to squeeze through.


People are very uncomfortable about the way one looks after gaining weight. It seriously affects the self esteem of a person. It can lead to serious condition relating to type 2 diabetes. So one should not show any negligence if he shows any symptoms related to sleep related diseases.  He should immediately consult a specialist at any sleep disorder clinic rockville. He should act as per his advice till the over weight is reduced or till the  sleep problem is settled.

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