What Are The Types Of Sleep Disorders

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Several types of sleep disorders have been validated in many sleep study centers which creates a good awareness in general public to take necessary precautions for prevention. Let’s discuss the most common ones in detail.

Know about types of sleeping disorders

There are many types of sleeping disorders, some of them are:


It is the most common sleeping disorder with major amount of complains encountered in sleep disorder clinics. Mostly adults of young age are said to be the victim of this disorder where either you get difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep without any interruption the whole night. It could be even chronic if you get it three nights per week which may continue for more than three months and it is high time that you see your doctor immediately rather than using increasing sleeping pills.


This disorder leads to the involvement in abnormal behaviors unconsciously while you are asleep. For instance; sleep eating or walking, sleep terrors, rapid eye movement (REM) problem, sleep sex or several other such abnormal behaviors may be found in this disorder. It can be controlled by taking some limited dosage of medicines as per the prescription of a specialist.

Sleep Paralysis

It is a kind of an awful disorder where you feel completely helpless to do anything as if your whole body has paralyzed. Sleep study centers have described it as a temporary inability to move while transitioning from deep sleep to completely waking up like your brain is all up but your body is still in sleeping position. In severe cases, people even experience hallucinations in such situation and hence connect it with supernatural powers instead of understanding the science behind such situation. So don’t panic and consult your doctor who can better understand your history and background to advice you some precautions.


It may occur if you have a habit of excessive sleeping during day time, you are having episodes of cataplexy or sleep paralysis or experiencing some hallucinations. This neurological disorder leads to the deep sleepiness and may make you fall asleep in some really unsuitable situations. This situation can be controlled either by taking antidepressants with using some behavioral treatment or by using some other stimulants like medications as prescribed from your doctor.

Sleep Apnea

It is a disorder of lack of breathing while snoring terribly during sleeping where your breathing gets interrupted with multiple such episodes in one night. Though it sounds irritating but it could be a serious disorder if not consulted sleep disorder clinics timely for prevention. If you feel very loud snoring almost every night with number of episodes of breath gasping, then it is high time to see your doctor.

Sleep Walking

It is usually found in children while very less cases found in adults as well where you start walking while asleep. Sleep study centers does not claim it to be a serious disorder apparently but it can be dangerous if you walk out of your home or to some unknown places. It is generally caused in a condition when you are sleep deprived so specialists only advise to take proper care of your sleeping routine.

Jet Lag

It is a temporary disorder which may occur when you travel a lot to different places having huge difference in time zones. It is known to be found in people experiencing rapid travel across time zones which results in insomnia, fatigue, nausea as your body clock gets misaligned with the local timings. But the situation gets better with the passage of time and may take around one day per time zoned travel to return to your normal routine.

Restless Legs Syndrome

It is a kind of very uncomfortable disorder where you need to move your legs because of some unpleasant feeling of burning, creeping, ache or tingling in your legs. Sleep disorder clinics Rockville claims it to be some kind of neurological movement disorder which makes it difficult for to sleep back again. You can feel better by stretching your legs, rubbing them or even walk a bit to relax yourself. It usually happens in pregnancy, obesity problems or if you have iron deficiencies so it is better to get them checked with your doctor to prevent this situation happening again.

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