6 Signs Your Slate Roof Is Damaged

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Roofs are certainly not meant to last forever. They have a certain lifespan, which upon reaching starts showing signs of replacement. However, sometimes it doesn’t immediately become clear that your roof needs replacement. Expert roofers have the experience enough to detect that your roof is demanding repair.

Time to notice roofing problems

Slate roof repair will strengthen your roof more so, but you need to identify the damage done to your roof first. Below are the most common signs that your slate roof is damaged.

Check these signs for damaged roof

  1. Moisture Damage

Your roof doesn’t necessarily have to leak water from your roof to show signs of damage. Oftentimes, slates of roof absorb water from rain, hail or snow and soak up. They then become fragile and more prone to breakage. Roofers often find rot due to moisture in attic and rafters, where they come to a conclusion if whether your roof needs repairing or a complete replacement. Also, if incase your house is unusually humid, check if your roof is damp from water, for it might have stored in some water causing humidity in your house.

  1. Shingles or Tiles Coming Off

Shingles of your roof coming off are a clear evidence that your roof’s time has come, and it now demands and immediate replacement. One or two shingles coming off may or may not make it obvious enough that your entire roof needs replacement. However, repairing is a must. The extent of your slate roof repair will be clear enough for the roofer. They will inform you of the damage that your roof has suffered and what need to be done to fix it.

  1. Warped edges of shingles

The corners of the shingles of your roof can curl up and start giving a wavy appeal. This mere look is a clear enough indication that your roof needs repairing. There are many reason for their warped look, some of which being; age, weak installation, poor-quality roofing material etc. Warped corners of your roof may not seem like as huge of problem to hire roofers to get a slate roof repair to some people. But even such little damage can cause a lot of inconvenience; water and debris can leak through the edges and into the roof cavity and therefore resulting in moisture damage, which itself is a lot of pain.

  1. Damaged Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a crucial part of a well-built roof; protect your roof from being weather struck and reinforces the strength of your roof altogether. It is only but thin pieces of metal which are used on roofing joins. They may not sound much, but it does more good to you roof during harsh weathers than you can ever imagine. Yet, roof flashing is too not everlasting. They can rust, corrode and break away and its management is inevitable. Damaged roof flashing can do so much harm to your roof. In short, getting your roof flashing fixed is just as important as slate roof repair.

  1. Leaking Sunlight from the Roof

It is quite a sight when you see sunlight escaping through the clouds on a dark cloudy day after heavy rainfall. You just want to take the moment in and maybe take pictures to show off your photography skills. But when you come across the same sight in doors, then unfortunately it’s not as bright a sign. It simple means your roof is damaged, and it desperately demands repairing. Your roof is clearly either too aged or damaged to stay up there and protect your house against the external perils. You would need an expert roofer’s advice on this as soon as possible in his case, to let you in on whether to have the roof replaced or repaired.

  1. Your Roof Is Well Above It’s Longevity

If you still have your roof installed up on your house regardless of its age, which has been way past its life-span, then it’s simply not meant to be and you need to call a roofer for slate roof. The expert will detect the problems and damage done to your roof of whose signs aren’t so apparent and only an experts eye will be able to spot them.

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