Do’s And Don’ts Of Swimming Pool Construction

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Swimming pool is one of the most important and significant things in your property, and it is a big investment too. Also, you would need the help of a good pool builder go through this project safely. There are many do’s and don’ts of swimming pool construction that you should follow. Here are some for your consideration.


Do choose the aesthetic look of your pool beforehand. Do you want it to look like a conventional sports pool? Or more like a pond with rocks and stuff inside it? Also, you should choose the shape of your pool and see what type will fit the best in the yard of your house.


Don’t go after every idea that your contractor provides you with, but keep your eyes and ears open to any valuable suggestions. Keep in mind that you are going to use your pool, so, select the features as per your own needs. Discuss any pool ideas that you might have with your contractor, as they know exactly how to make your vision look like reality.


Do complete any land calculations before starting the pool building project to avoid running into unseen issues. This way you’ll be able to inform the potential contractors about the crucial information that they can use to start the initial process. Additionally, having a calculation of the area you have available will tell you about the choices you have to select the pool’s looks, size and shape.


Don’t award the project to a pool builder before checking with their earlier clients. You can see if they have a bunch of satisfied customers or not. This might be a bit difficult if there are not many pools in your area, but this is worth the hassle since pool construction is such a big investment and there is no room for error. A good way to check the reviews is visiting the websites of different pool constructors and checking if they have all the skills and tools you need or not.


Do get everything in writing between you and your masonry contractor before starting the project. This will help the both sides agree on certain things, and later hold each other accountable if one side makes any mistake to violate the agreement. You can also ask them for the prices they charge, and get them in writing too to avoid any clashes later on.


Don’t get the project started before checking the license of the contractor. A properly licensed contractor will have all the proper tools and experience needed to do the job perfectly. License also makes sure that the company is held accountable just in case anything goes wrong.


Do frequently visit the site (if the family has moved out due to the project) every once in a while. But keep in mind that you don’t need to worry about it too much. You have hired the contractor after careful consideration, and you can now rely on them to complete the job perfectly. You can keep working and enjoy some quality time with your family instead of caring too much about the construction site.


Don’t give the project to a contractor who doesn’t have a proper insurance to cover the damages in case any employee gets injured on the work site. This is an important step that you should never risk ignoring or skipping. If the company lacks the worker’s compensation insurance, you will be held accountable for injuries of the employees. Also, you’ll have to cover any damages to your property by yourself as well.


Do keep track of your spending. Most of the swimming pool projects go over the budget just because of the fact that the owner doesn’t track their expenses. Ask the builder to inform you of any big expense changes, like if you’re buying any additional thing that wasn’t included in the project early on. First of all, your contractor should be good enough to provide you with a realistic estimate and the cost shouldn’t go up, and if it does, you have every right to ask the contractor to provide you with a solid reason.

Those were the much-needed do’s and don’ts of pool planning and building. If you have any doubts about anything ask your swimming pool builder about it and make sure everything is going according to the schedule. Lagrass

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