How can attention deficit disorder impact children and take away the focus from studies?

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A lot of concerns are already shown regarding ADD in children. If the child’s hyperactivity is coupled with the emotional instability, motor impairment, inability to focus on things, poor concentration, and aggressive behavior then there is some serious problem. The problem that the child is having is ADHD or the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Almost 10-20% kids are impacted by ADD accompanied with hyperactivity. Boys are more likely to suffer from ADD. One of the chief characteristics of ADD is behavioral problem and difficulty paying attention. It is similar to the form of ADHD.

What are the characteristics of ADD?

All children tend to be hyperactive. But Attention Deficit Disorder in kids causes restlessness and hyperactivity all the time. It is important to determine whether the child has ADD or not. Parents can help in determining the exact conditions. Medical professionals ask a series of questions to the parents and the information collected determines the exact problem. Children having ADD are hyperactive till the age of 7 mostly. Discipline is not going to work and the child will not adhere to the rules.

Treatment for ADD

It is impossible to cure ADD forever but it is controllable. Doctors may prescribe the stimulant medicines like the Ritalin or Adderall. If taken regularly, such medications may alleviate the condition of ADD. To treat the side effects of ADD like loss of appetite, insomnia, stomach pain and headache, medicines may be given. It is best to reinforce the kids and motivate them under such situations. You need to encourage the child towards developing the communication skill and problem solving skill. Even adults may have ADD and this is not known to many. With proper treatment, both kids and adults may live normal lives.

Helping kids to get out of ADD

ADD in children can be treated only by parents. The way the parents interact with the child creates a huge difference. If the home appears to be chaotic, it is better to foster a structured environment. There must be a proper routine and children must be asked to take part in activities in schools. Create proper incentive to foster behavioral changes. Always lecturing the child, nagging him/her will not help. It is only action which can help a child to overcome ADD. Try and fix up rewards for good behaviors and penalties for bad behaviors. A kid may be offered candies for a good behavior while for a bad behavior you can involve the child in home cleaning work.

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