How To Make The Most Out Of Your Commercial Freezer

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A lot of people buy a brand-new commercial freezer for their business but they lack in organizational management.Lack of organization makes them regularly call commercial freezer repairs companies. If they can learn a few tips and tricks, they can save money.

Secrets to make Commercial Freezer Energy Efficient

  1. Meat Gets the Lowest Shelves

When you store meat on lowest shelves, you eliminate chances of cross contamination. Remember that if juice or other foods become in contact with meat, your food can get contaminated by spread of harmful bacteria.

Also, meat is known to drip (when temperature isn’t exactly the coldest) and lowest shelves are easier to clean.

  1. Leaving Space Between Items

Try to store similar items in clusters. For example, if you are storing juices, sweets and pulses inside your freezer, it is important to leave space between them.

When you classify them in form of clusters and leave spaces, the cluster formation makes it easier to spot a particular product whereas the space left between foods helps circulation of cold air. Although you may find yourself tempted to use all the space and store products at nearest possible location, a bit of scrutiny can help maximize the life of your refrigerator.

  1. Labeling Is Important

We are not angels. We are humans and all humans make mistakes. Refrigerators repair company owners recommend people to label everything. This includes shelves and food items.

An absent mind employee, due to poor memory management, may try to place a dessert inside the meat section subconsciously. Labelling makes everyone aware.

Following a standard protocol, less mistakes are made and efficiency is increased. Pens and stickers are awesome for easy labelling and remember, when you are labelling items, be sure to include date of arrival and date of expire.

Make it a rule that no unlabeled item goes into the fridge.

  1. Keeping Food Off the Fridge Floor

The fridge floor is notorious for water seepage. You can contaminate your food and get penalized for lack of following an important health code requirement.

Install custom shelves inside the refrigerator and display a note stating ‘Keep food off the fridge floor’ so that every employee, at the times of rush hour’ does not make a silly mistake.

  1. Following A Maintenance Plan

Create a maintenance plan and apply it every month. This plan should include organization of food inside the storage and making sure that all items are labelled and not exceeding the date of expiration.

Evaporator coils should be cleaned and freezer condenser should be checked professionally. As a business owner, your priority is to reduce your expenses and that can happen with thorough service.

Professional commercial freezer repairs representatives charge a small fee and survey the working of used machinery. They will clean out the debris and service coils and fins. With these parts in best working condition, they won’t have to work over time (which is the case with accumulation of debris) and you will save energy bills in the long run.

  1. Storage of Delicate Products

Cold airflow is regulated inside a commercial freezer but refrigerators repair company owners recommend not storing delicate products near fan. Food like berries and green vegetables are vulnerable to intense cold near the fan.

The reason of contamination is freezer burn i.e. frozen food gets damaged due to oxidation and dehydration of frigid air reaching food.

To avoid freezer burns, quickly fill the places of refrigerator near fan area so that you have more space to store food items a little further from fan. Also, keep the stored food in airtight packaging.

  1. Applying the Rule of FIFO

FIFO stands for ‘first in first out’. Make it a habit of taking out items which have been stored in the firsthand. With FIFO policy, you will never have access to expired food in your storage since food will always be on the move.

Ultimately, organization of food pays. Your food quality gets enhanced and organized shelves make it easy to clean. When everything is in its place, ordering & restocking becomes a piece of cake.

Contact refrigerators repair company Arlington VA owners for timely maintenance of your cold storage units.

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