Plantation Shutters – When Beauty Meets Functionality

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Plantation shutters have become an effective and popular way to add an elegant and new look to your home. These are both attraction and functional, much to the delight of many homeowners.

Parts of Plantation Shutter

A traditional plantation shutter has a pretty much simple design. Normally, this type of shutter is composed of a set of full length vertical panels and can be easily divided into four primary parts. Those horizontal slats found on the bottom and top of the shutter are called the rails. There are some shutters which also come with one or several horizontal rails found in the middle of the shutter which divides the plantation shutter to separate tiers.

The vertical stiles are found on the sides of the shutters. Louvers are those parallel slats found I between each stile which can be adjusted and tilted to allow in less or more light. Louvers can also be made into several shapes and sizes.

Tilt rod refers to the mechanism controlling the louvers’ movement. This is also available in different styles.

  • The split tilt rod is exactly as the name suggests, a tilt rod split to individual pieces. It allows a different control of tiers found on a single shutter panel, for instance, adjusting the top tier to let more light in while the louvers of the lower tier remain closed for privacy.
  • Single tilt rods are a single vertical and continuous rod which connects and controls all louvers at the same time.
  • Hidden tilt rods let the apparatus to be concealed discreetly at the back of the shutter panel.

Where Does a Plantation Shutter Come From?

For many centuries, shutters have been put to use, with experts claiming that these were used as far back as the time of ancient Greece wherein the slats were made using marble slabs. These slabs were use way before glass became available to offer protection from the elements like direct heart from the rays of the sun, wind and rain.

These can also effectively prevent small animals and insects from getting into the premises. The true function of shutters was appreciated once these pests and elements passed and these shutters can be opened to allow fresh sunlight in and a cool breeze which can ventilate the house.

Most of the old Southern homes enjoy the practicality and beauty of these shutters as these were incorporated into the design of decadent mansions found in the Old South’s plantations. It is from this application that the name plantation shutter was derived. From the early times, the shutters have gone through remarkable modifications.


The Modern Take on Plantation Shutter

Today, these shutters are now made available in a plethora of materials, styles, and sizes. These can be found in different parts of the world in almost all styles of homes. Many of these are made from hardwoods like bass or poplar and can have various finishes to add architectural allure to homes and commercial properties. Plantation hardwood shutters  are made from rich woods like walnut, mahogany, oak or cherry which are exceptionally attractive.

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