Should I Get A Divorce – Checklist

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You are highly recommended to consult your family lawyer if the question of “should I get a divorce?” has just hit your mind.

Getting Divorce

Let’s discuss some quick checklist to go through if you are going through such phase of your life,

  1. Consider Possible Consequences

Divorce rate has been increasing from past decade but people does not just realize the loss it may create until it is too late. In some cases of terrible marriages, it can be beneficial but mostly there are chances to save a marriage which people usually neglect. You really need to think about each and every possible consequence you think can affect you or your family. It may cover from finances to your living style as every belonging will have to be divided equally between you two while you will also be working on your emotional stability position. Look, splitting from your partner is not as easy as it sounds since there could be many unwelcomed scenarios which you are not considering at the moment. You will have to make yourself ready for those unwelcoming comments and looks which will be biggest hurdle for you to heal your pain.

  1. Consult Marriage Counselling

If you think that things are really not working out, then consulting your divorce case . He can easily understand your situation and dig down the situation in much depth to suggest you the most appropriate action. Also, marriage counseling may result in saving your marriage as you can look at things from other perspectives which you don’t consider initially. There might be some lack of communication or trust which can be worked through so it is better to take such counselling or ask your spouse for the same as well.

  1. Consider Legal Documentation

Here, you need to hire a divorce lawyer and seek help from him for all your legal documentation. Though it sounds selfish but you need be very alert in legal issues as ending a marriage can be a mess for all these things. Firstly, make sure to have copies of every document with you for the safe side including property papers, tax returns, bank statements, insurance documents, employee benefits document, retirement policies, credit card statements and any other important belongings that you both share officially.

  1. Make Financial Evaluation

Some relationships become very toxic due to financial crisis where one is spender and other is saver or both are spenders and none think for saving. Both situations lead to a very stressed life and couples consider to end their marriages as a result. If this is the case, then your family lawyer may help to work out things between you both. Financial crisis never remains there forever so it is better not to consider this as only reason to end your marriage. While yes, if it is getting extremely unbearable then you can opt for divorce but make sure to evaluate this reason properly in depth.

  1. Housing & Other Necessary Arrangement Plan

Look for options of a new living arrangement as you will need a separate place to live after getting a divorce. You need to make a plan for every such thing which you are sharing with each other at the moment to have it separately. This goes for your laptop and other electrical appliances and of course your car as well. These all things sound very petty when you are going through an emotional trauma in your life but trust me these things matters a lot after getting a divorce. Your divorce lawyer might help you in this regard in a much better and professional way to guide you how things are going to work afterwards.

  1. Clear All Family Debts

When you are married, you and your spouse make everything together in your house like property, car and other such stuff. Some of those things might have brought on debt so make sure to clear all those debts before taking any decision of divorce. These debts may result in a big mess if they are not cleared prior both legally and emotionally as well. You can seek help from your divorce lawyer here as well so can guide you with all the legal requirements regarding to any pending debts.

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