What are the 4 Types of Chimney Cleaning Methods?

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Chimneys are subject to soot, heat and dust that arise from the burning of firewood, it is essential to get it regularly cleaned to make sure of safety. Chimney cleaning includes cleaning of dust and soot, and the removal of creosote, from chimney walls. Vacuum, broom chimney brush, shovel, metal bucket, ladder, flashlight, goggles or dust mask, mirror, tape etc are some of the tools needed for cleaning chimneys. Know about the 4 main types of methods used for cleaning chimneys.

Chimney cleaning methods

The technique involves using a chimney brush to clean the chimney opening. The chimney brush will be lowered inside the chimney walls. A metal rod can be adjusted and fixed to the brush of the chimney, in order to reach the bottom section of chimney walls. Rods have to be added for attaining the length needed for cleaning. The debris and suit will be gathered at the end of the fireplace in the home.

Weight Method

The technique almost resembles the first one. Rather than rods, rope along with pull ring is attached to the chimney brush. There is use of weights as well. With chimney brush, a set up with weight, rope and pull ring is assembled. The brush is raised and lowered to scrub the interior walls of the chimney. In this method, the fireplace can be closed and clean up can be contained.

Rod Method Bottom Up

The cleaning is conducted from the fireplace to the upper part of the chimney. The only benefit in this method is the fact that one does not have to climb to the roof. Alternately, the technique can result in messy outcomes, given that the fireplace is still open. It is important to use many tarps and drop cloths to keep the furniture and flooring around the area clean.  Otherwise, wood fireplace repair technicians have to be called up.

Dual Line Method

This chimney sweeping process requires two individuals. The cleaning professional ties the rope to both the ends of the brush. One cleaner pulls up the rope from the top whereas another one pulls from the lower section of the chimney. Every cleaner takes turns to pull the rope in order to move the brush to the bottom and top, thus helping to scrub the inner walls of a chimney. This is another messy technique, given that the fireplace doors stay open. Wood stove insert and gas fireplace inserts should be kept in place to reduce the mess.

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