Why Is My House So Hot Even With AC On

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Your air conditioner is designed to keep your house comfortable when it is burning outside. However, you might have encountered a situation where the house feels hot even when the air conditioner is running. There could be several reasons for that and might need air conditioner repair services for inspection. Let’s discuss some common reasons that will help troubleshoot the problem.

Holes And Cracks

If you live in a relatively old house, chances are slight cracks or holes might appear. This is normal for old homes but the downside to it is that cool air will escape through these holes and gaps, not allowing the room to cool down. As a result, your air conditioner will struggle and utilize more power to achieve the desired temperature. In doing so, the electricity bills will go up as well.

Surprisingly, homeowners usually ignore this fact. Holes and cracks can occur due to external factors too such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, rainstorms, etc. Unless they are fixed, your house will feel hot and uncomfortable while the AC runs for hours. Poor insulation is also a factor in this.

Therefore, it is important that you inspect the doors, windows, and electrical outlets to fix the issue.

Leaking Air Ducts

Just as the windows and doors can leak air, the air ducts can wear out with time as well. Since the air ducts are designed to transport air from the air conditioner to the interior of the house, if there are any leaks or damage, the cool air will escape before it even reaches the inside.

Air ducts are also areas where rats and other creatures can take accommodation. Since homeowners hardly inspect or maintain the air ducts unless a problem pops up, there is a huge probability that some living creatures can incur damage and cracks. Therefore, if your house feels hot throughout the day, especially when the AC has been running for hours, you should consider and suspect leaking air ducts too.

The AC Is Too Small

When it comes to purchasing an air conditioner for your house, you need to consider the area along with other factors such as carpets, furniture, and other items that might interfere with the unit. A room with several decorative items will feel relatively hotter when compared to a room with just a few items.

On the other hand, if the size of the HVAC unit is too small for the house, it won’t be able to effectively and efficiently cool down the area. In fact, it will struggle and work harder to bring down the temperature inside. This means that more electricity will be utilized, leading to an increase in energy bills.

Furthermore, a poor installation job might also be the culprit. Therefore, keep in mind that in order for your AC to run effectively, it needs to be of the proper size. A small unit won’t be able to keep up with your demands when the sun is blazing outside.

The Vents Are Closed

Back in the day, people used to believe that closing some vents helped keep the house cool. But that is just a myth. Blocking or closing the vents intentionally or unintentionally causes the air conditioner’s blower motor to work overtime to help move the air the extra distance to where the vents are open.

As a result, the duct system experiences an increase in pressure and the blower runs for extended periods of time at a lower speed. Ultimately, it takes longer for the indoor temperature to drop.

Refrigerant Level Is Low

The refrigerant plays a crucial role when it comes to producing cool or warm air. If you have a new unit, you won’t need to fill the refrigerant for several years. However, if the unit is older, it might be that the refrigerant is leaking. Unfortunately, determining a refrigerant leakage is not that easy. You will need to consult an expert on this matter. Rust and other factors might result in minor holes that allow the refrigerant to leak.

As a result, the air conditioner will simply fail to work at its optimum, and components like the compressor will share the burden as well. This can easily turn into an expensive problem, which means that you should get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Final Word

Concluding, your air conditioner not working at its full potential might be due to the reasons mentioned above. However, if the problem still does not go away, it might be something more complicated and you will need to consult HVAC repair services Stony Brook. In the meantime, make sure that you regularly inspect and maintain your air conditioner to avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

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