8 Kitchen Countertop Decor Ideas

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After being done with cabinets, walls, windows, and flooring, there comes countertop decor. It’s that daunting task which always makes you think twice or thrice. Obviously, you can’t put a lot of decorative stuff on your marble countertop, just to give your kitchen an aesthetic look. It will increase the chances of cooking splatter. Plus, your kitchen will look more cluttered.

So, there comes a question in everyone’s mind that how to design your kitchen countertop from strictly functional to elevated by creativity.

Cleaning Comes First

First of all, your kitchen needs to be clean and organized. If the countertop is not clean or the things are not placed where they’re supposed to be. It will automatically make your kitchen look cluttered and clumsy. Put away the extra stuff into the storage and hang the spoons on their place. Also, wash the dishes from the other night, and clean the countertop with soap, water, and a soft cloth.

Followed by these steps, there is a list of ideas that you can apply to build a balance between highly-functional countertops and creative countertops.

Put Extra Stuff Into The Storage

Before buying an organizer or spending some extra bucks on an art piece, you need to know how much space you have in your kitchen. So, you can decide what to buy and where to place it. Therefore, put all the extra spoons, cups, plates, and other utensils in the storage.

For the storage, you can use your pantry, cabinets, or some beautiful racks. Also, you can hang your spoons on the cabinet’s bottom with the help of a hook. It will make your kitchen look more organized.

Make Use Of The Area Around Your Fridge

The area around your fridge is begging to be used. Also, do you know that by decorating the sides of your fridge, you can make your kitchen look more modern? It will give a fantastic look to your kitchen. There are many ways to use the sides of your fridge as a storage, a few of them are:

  • Install a pull-out pantry rack on the narrow side of your fridge
  • Organize shelves or a rack at the sides of the fridge
  • Build cabinetry around the fridge
  • Build a bookcase
  • Employ a tall stand to use the vertical space on the top of the fridge

Use Space Above The Stove

The space above your stove is the best place to store spices of your daily usage.  Also, you can use it to hang frying pans, spoons, and cutting boards. It is handy to keep stuff close to you while cooking.

Develop A Theme In Your Kitchen

Different colors scattered in your kitchen makes it look clumsy and cluttered. To organize your kitchen and give it a decorative look, make a theme for your kitchen and stick to it. Put away all the red utensils in your cabinetry, if the theme is black and white.

Also, the key is in sticking with the theme. Buy spoons or utensils according to your theme. It will make your kitchen look more organized.

Invest In Organizers

You can get beautiful canisters, jars, spoon hangings, and dish racks on the market. And believe me, they are worth your money. Plus, it will get easy for you to put the stuff wherever you want instead of hiding it. For instance, if you wish to keep the spices on the countertop instead of the pantry, those beautiful jars will help. But, if the packaging itself is eye-catching, you can keep it as it is.

Give Your Kitchen A Lived In Feeling With Plants

Plants add life to your room, and the kitchen is not an exception. You add some plants into your kitchen décor, and it will immediately change from being dull to vibrant. Hang some droopy vines with your open shelves, place some sturdy succulents by the sink or in some roomy try. And enjoy a quick change in your kitchen.

Use Fruits As A Display Item

As mentioned above, plants give a lived-in feeling to your kitchen. Followed by this fact, fruits also give your kitchen a lived-in and a healthy feeling. Also, a glass vase with fruits organized in it will balance the plant décor. And you can use fruits as a display item as well.

Moreover, if your kitchen countertop is cracked or too old, before the decor, you can consider repair or replacement by hiring a granite countertop installer Durham NC.

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