What Comprises Of An Effective Weight Loss Exercise Programs

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There are numerous weight loss exercise programs available. Which one you would choose? Well, it all depends on your intensity level. How much can your body resist is what matters most. Healthy weight loss programs revolve around three important factors: 45 minutes of the intense workout session, maintaining a suitable diet plan daily, and experiencing a minimum of 7 hours of sleep on a regular basis.

The workout part

Focusing on the workout regimen, it is necessary to keep it short but effective. Hit the gym and you may find some stupid individuals who keep working out for hours regularly but fail to achieve the right shape. There is no use in working out for more than 90 minutes. But you should never try for so long. Time is precious. You need to be brief in you approach. Work out for no more than 45 minutes to experience maximum impact. Perform supersets to increase on the intensity level. Reduce the rest intervals between sets from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

The diet part

Maintain a proper diet plan. If possible, approach a dietician and get your diet chart prepared. Nothing will come for free. You need to pay a price for the chart to get prepared by a reputed dietician. But if you follow the chart properly, positive impacts are bound to take place. Also, the dietician will not just prepare the chart for you. He/she will first examine your physical conditions, bodyweight to mass ratio, health problems, medication history, food preference, eating habits, etc. Accordingly, the chart will be prepared.


A sufficient amount of sleeping is important to keep the muscles stay relaxed and brain functioning properly. Minimum 7-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis is absolutely necessary. It also helps in improving the body metabolism rate. Improper sleep affects strongly your digestive system. You will also feel dizziness and lethargy. The eating habits will change. The body will ultimate suffer.

Healthy weight loss programs always encourage the importance of sleeping and ample resting phase. In fact, most of these programs suggest you work out on every alternate day. The day in between should be rest day to relax the muscles. Some experts replace the rest day with mild cardio and stretching exercises. Many of the modern fitness programs combines’ weight training with cardio sessions to create an impactful combo and increase the intensity of the body muscles. Such workout programs are said to improve on the overall stamina.

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