What Is The Difference Between Allergies And Asthma

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Allergies are very common and can happen to a lot of people which, in some cases, need the help of an allergy physician immediately. However, many people get allergies and asthma confused, because both of these things involve difficulty in breathing. But allergies and asthma are not the same, and this article will crack the code.

Difference Between Asthma And Allergies

Here is a descriptive difference between asthma and allergies.


Allergies are a person’s inability to endure certain things. Allergies are of many types. Allergies can be classified on the basis of whether they are caused by food or by contact.

Some allergies are also seasonal, which means they are more aggressive in different seasons. Pollen allergies, dust mites, molds, etc. are allergies which are prevalent in the hot summer and spring months. Allergies like hives, hay fever, etc. can be more dominant in the cold, winter months.

Caused By Triggers

Allergies are caused by certain things called triggers or allergens. Allergy triggers include a variety of foods, pollen, dust mites, insects, mites and other microorganisms. These triggers can go into your respiratory system and cause irritation, like shortness of breath, sneezing, etc. Sometimes, allergens can also come in contact with your skin and can cause dry, red patches on your skin.

Hives is a very common skin allergy, which can cause small red and irritated spots on your skin. Sometimes, these spots can be filled with pus or water. Allergies don’t have a predefined cause either. It is mostly described as an immunity suppressing disease.


Allergies don’t come with any symptoms unless you are in contact with an allergen. You have to get tested for certain allergies like food allergies. Some people are allergic to different foods, and for them, these foods are triggers. Foods like peanuts, wheat, gluten, nuts, eggs, etc. can cause allergies too, like an upset stomach, vomiting, swollen eyes, irritated skin, etc.


People who suffer from food allergies have to get tested for allergens. This test then goes to a doctor and he/she prescribes allergy medications and prohibition of eating these allergy causing foods. As far as non-food allergies are concerned, they have to be treated with medications as well, usually antihistamines are prescribed by doctors to help with swelling and sneezing. The medications given are usually symptomatic and they don’t make the allergies go away permanently. Prevention of contact with allergens can suppress allergies, but there is no definite cure for allergies. It is still treated symptomatically.


Now, talking about Asthma, it is defined as a chronic lung disease, which causes your airways to stop supplying air. Let’s break this statement down.

Causes And Symptoms

What happens in asthma, is that your lungs are connected with pipes which are called bronchial tubes. In asthma, the lungs become inflamed, due to any sort of infection. When the lungs are inflamed, the bronchial tubes have a hard time pumping air in and out of the lungs and over time, they can tighten.

Tightening of the bronchial tubes can block the air passage, and ultimately, it can cause difficulty in breathing. This is why, a lot of people suddenly stop breathing and they have a hard time catching their breath for air.

Along with shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing are also symptoms of asthma. Causes of asthma are not fully known. It is mostly hereditary and familial.


There are medications for treating asthma. Long term medications for asthma include inhaled corticosteroids and theophylline. Inhalers are usually prescribed with corticosteroids, which help to promote air passage in the lungs, by opening the bronchial tubes. If you are someone who is suffering from asthma, you should always carry an inhaler with you, because your bronchial tubes can tighten without warning, and if you don’t have an inhaler on hand, things can get complicated and you might need to be rushed into the ER for breathing difficulty.

Asthma is different from allergies in the sense that it is a chronic illness and it is not caused seasonally. It can come out of the blue at anytime, anywhere.

There you go! Now you know the complete difference between asthma and allergies. Now if someone gets the two mixed up, then you can give them the facts. However, if you or anyone near you have symptoms of any of the two, you should find allergy doctor Manassas.

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