What Is Allergic Asthma? What Are Its Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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Allergic asthma, what is it? How is it caused? How do I know if I have allergic asthma or not? How is it cured? We will be going to explain this from the knowledge of asthma doctors. Let’s begin!

What Is Allergic Asthma?

We all know that asthma is the difficulty of breathing in a person, but allergic asthma is when a person triggers asthma by being around several allergens and pollutants. This type of asthma is caused by allergens, which will cause difficulty in breathing as well. A lot of people suffer from allergic asthma, especially children. If you have allergic asthma, your immune system is abnormally more overreactive, and you become extremely sensitive to a lot of allergens.

Now that you know what an allergic asthma is, let’s talk about its symptoms.

Symptoms of Allergic Asthma

Some of the most common symptoms of allergic asthma include the following:

Tight Chest

People suffering from allergic asthma are found complaining about a tight chest. They find it difficult to breathe fully. A tight chest will also cause shortness in breath, which needs special attention.


Wheezing is a whistling type sound you make a whistling noise when there isn’t enough air for you to breathe in. You will unintentionally make a whistling type sound every time you exhale through your mouth. This is one of the symptoms of allergic asthma.

Constant Cough

This one is a no-brainer. Constantly coughing and sneezing is an evident sign of asthma. Coughing will also cause shortness of breath and you will need an inhaler to promote proper breathing.

Watery Eyes

Watery eyes are another significant symptom of allergic asthma. If you go out somewhere and your eyes start to get watery and irritated, then it might be because your eyes are interacting with pollen in the air. Pollen is present in the air, but people who are prone to allergies or allergic asthma, will react to pollen and it will cause watery and swollen eyes.

Excessive Breathing Problems

This symptom is associated with having a tight chest. When you feel that there is not enough chest room for you to breathe, then you will feel a lot of problems associated with breathing, which is why you will need an inhaler to help you breathe properly.

Now, let’s talk about some of the causes of allergic asthma:

Causes of Allergic Asthma

Allergies, as such, don’t have a declared cause. Allergies can happen to a lot of people, doctors don’t have a solid cause of allergies. But the things that promote allergies and asthma are:


Pollen is the main trigger of asthma. It is present in plants, the wind any outdoor places. A lot of people with allergies are overreactive to flowers a well, the main reason being pollen.


Dust is also an allergen. A lot of people are very sensitive to dust and worst allergies can progress if they are exposed to dust. Dust irritates the respiratory system, which will cause allergies associated with asthma.

Bug Bites

A lot of people can get allergies by bug bites. Most common insects which can cause allergies are cockroaches and mites. Cockroaches can have several allergens in their saliva, so making sure that proper fumigation is done to avoid allergies, is a good idea.

Animal Fur

Animal fur like cat hair and god fur can also lead to very bad allergies. People can get red and swollen just by animal fur. Animal fur also carries pollen and other allergens which induce allergies. So, if people are sensitive to animal hair, then they should not keep pets.

Treatments For Allergic Asthma

For Asthma

For asthma, albuterol inhalers are the best option. They work like wonders for asthmatic patients. Inhalers mostly contain anti-inflammatory drugs, which will clear the airways and reduce any inflammation which is blocking the air passage.

For Allergies

For allergies, some non-medical treatments include keeping your house dust free, wearing a mask whenever you go out and proper hygiene. Medical treatments include antihistamines and anti-allergy medicines, to get rid of the red swelling and itching effects of the allergy. Different allergies have different medications, but these are most commonly used and effective.

It is advised to contact an allergy physician Manassas as soon as you notice symptoms of allergic asthma.

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