What are the treatments for tennis elbow?

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There are many patients who suffer from tennis elbow and the patients find it difficult to bear the pain and continue with their day-to-day activities. When outer part of the elbow becomes tender and sore, it may be considered as tennis elbow. However, any kind of soreness found on outer elbow cannot be considered as tennis elbow. When you have sore and tender outer elbow, its is always best to see a physician to confirm whether you are suffering from tennis elbow. The doctor a confirmation on the condition of your elbow by  performing a series of diagnostic test. If the doctor confirms that you are suffering from tennis elbow, based on the physicians suggestions a a variety of approaches can be taken to treat tennis elbow.

All you need to know about tennis elbow

People who play tennis and do a lot of physical activities at work, often suffers from tennis elbow. Doctors usually evaluate the kind of movements the patient performs with their elbow on a regular basis. People who involve in intense labour or sports, often tend to move their elbow in a particular angle or direction which on performing multiple times, causes stress and results in the damage of tissues. For these kinds of cases, doctors usually suggest to take rest. After having a significant development in recovering from this particular condition, the patients are advised not to perform repetitive tasks that can cause injury to the elbow. In some cases, doctors also suggest a variety of exercises which can strengthen forearm, wrists and elbows. These kinds of basic treatments does not involve any complex medical procedure or consumption of medicines.

Tennis elbow treatment

The second way to treat tennis elbow is through injection. Based on the patient’s condition, doctor may ask to take an injection of platelet-rich concentrated plasma. Once this injection is administered into the painful tendons, patients are found to experience relief in pain. The injection also restores free movement of elbow joint.

If tennis elbow cannot be treated with the above said two methods, the best option would be to undergo a surgery. Surgeries are only performed for chronic tennis elbow cases and for some sportsmen who fail to recover from tennis elbow through the first two methods. Surgery is the most expensive treatment for tennis elbow. Once the surgery is performed, one may have to take rest for two weeks and undergo rehabilitation treatments to get back to normal functioning of elbow.

The above mentioned treatments are effective but causes a lot of pain and suffering to the patients. Recent medical technological advancement has come up with a special kind of treatment called ECSWT also known as extra-corpreal shock wave therapy. This particular treatment is painless when compared to other existing treatments. This treatment involves the process of sending sound waves to the elbow which will in turn speed up the recovery process. This treatment is followed by heat therapy and laser therapy which will ensure that the patients gets complete recovery from tennis elbow within a matter of few weeks. A lot of people also stick to some home treatments which are not at all advisable. It is always best to see your doctor and get and expert opinion. It is adivicable to visit a the best orthopedic doctor Woodbridge.

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