A basic crane and rigging services guide

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Have you been struggling to find information on cranes and rigging services? We have come up with the perfect guide to help teach you everything you need to know about it. From Understanding what do these services do to their types, features and specifications, we have compiled everything in this guide. Before we move on to understanding the different types of cranes offered by crane services, it is important to understand what they are.

What are cranes and rigging services?

Rigging and crane services provide rental cranes to help you get done with your job. Cranes can help with truss, steel, moving modular home sets, bridge girder erection, rooftop units, electrical generators, shipping containers and any other heavy job you need to get done.

Some cranes are mounted on boats or other vehicles such as trucks. Others are self-propelled, which means it is able to move on its own without any external help. Selecting a crane service is a difficult task. You need to have a solid grasp the different types of cranes, their capabilities and features for lifting heavy items, as well as understanding what do you require for your job.

Major categories of cranes offered by rigging services?

There are many different types of cranes. Some crane services offer only a limited set of cranes while others offer a wider range. Each type of crane is built for a specific set of tasks. The type of crane you need depends on the type of job you require it for.

Bench cranes

Bench cranes are also called cart mounted cranes. They are intended to work in a small workplace and hence are designed for that purpose. Small workplaces mean they are designed for workstations. Some of the bench cranes are made to be extremely precise.

Jib cranes

Jib cranes can be mounted on either a wall or a floor. Both floor mounted and wall mounted jib cranes have a horizontal beam. The hoist is attached to the horizontal beam. Cantilevered jib cranes are equipped with both full and half rotation based on which you require.

Gantry cranes

Gantry cranes have a similar job as all the other cranes, except they come in a variety of sizes. They are designed to work in both small workstations and both heavy industrial construction cranes.

Davit cranes

Davit cranes come in both stationary and portable forms. They are designed to have fixed or adjustable booms, which gives them the room to be extremely flexible with their task.

What cranes do they provide?

Crane and rigging services provide a range of cranes. These include ship cranes, truck mounted cranes, overhead cranes, sacker cranes and many other. The type of crane you choose depends on which type of crane you require for your job. It is possible that some crane services may not provide a certain type of crane that you require.

Since cranes us complex principles such as center of gravity, rotation, forces, they require a certified operator who knows what he/she is doing.

Do cranes come with different specifications?

Most of the crane and rigging services you will come across will offer industrial cranes. Industrial cranes, due the flexibility of the tasks they are required to do, come with different load capacity. There are many additional specifications that are required. All this depends on the type of task a crane is needed for.


It can be really hard to choose a crane and rigging service if you are not aware of the different types of cranes. So make sure that you have some some solid research regarding the project that you have at hand. Based on that, you will decide the type of crane you need. In this regard, some advice from rigging companies DC may also come handy.

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