5 Popular Car Detailing Myths

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Car detailing can breathe new life into your old ride, however, there is also a lot of misinformation circulating around this practice be it cleaning or installing any car bodywork protection film. Let us take this moment to separate the fact from the fiction, and let you know what the truth is.

Myth 1 – It Is Fine To Wash A Car That Has Detailing Done With Detergent

This one is an absolute no go. Dishwashing detergents have one purpose, and that is to clean your dishes. This entails removing everything that your food may be made up of, from grease to proteins and carbohydrates and sugars bonded to the surface as a result of heat and pressure. Strong enzymes in it helps break down these stubborn chemical bonds so that they can be rinsed off. Now imagine applying the same chemicals to your car’s surface. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Our suggestion: look for car specific washes that do not contain any harsh chemicals.

Myth 2 – A Shining Exterior Of A Car Is Proof That It Is Totally Clean

Looks can be deceiving and this is a classic example of that. A shiny car does not necessarily mean that your exterior is clean. You will need to actually feel it with your hand since miniscule particles of dust are not picked up at an overview and the car will still glitter at just the right angle under the light. If you run your hand over the body of your car and pick up a layer of dust, or it simply feels rough to the touch, you are in need of a wash. Once you get one, do try the same thing again, and you will notice a stark difference between the two. Also, for protection of the paint and exterior of your car, look for a trusted installer that does paint protection films.

Myth 3 – Waxing Will Remove Any Swirl Marks On The Body Of The Car

Swirl marks often leave deep grooves on the surface of the car, oftentimes which are too deep to vanish after getting a waxing job on the exterior. However, fret not as there are other solutions to getting rid of these, many of which are fairly cheap. There are specialized markers designed to remove swirl, marks as well as paint matches that blend in with the existing car exterior. In case the scratch resulting from a swirl mark is too deep that none of these remedies work, you may have to look into getting a repaint job on the affected areas.

Myth 4 – Getting Your Car Polished Is The Same As Getting It Waxed

That is absolutely false and a myth that should never have propagated if people had just taken some time to consider the difference in the naming of the two procedures themselves. A wax, as the name suggests, is a coating of polymer, resin and silicone that is applied for the sole purpose of protecting the body from dust and debris on the road. Similarly, a polish, as the name suggests is used for improving the shine of the paint on the exterior, and most often, offers little in the way of dust and debris protection.

Myth 5 – Garments Made Of Flannel Material Make Good Cleaning Cloth

This is one of the most common mistakes people make, the reason being that they think since a t-shirt or flannel are soft clothes, they won’t damage the exterior of your car. The truth however is that it is for this very reason that they are dangerous. A soft cloth that is smooth will not really pick up any dust particles. Instead it will just grind them across the surface, leaving scratches.

Now that you are fully aware of the truth behind car detailing and the myths revolving around this age-old practice, you can make a better decision about which features to opt without any reservations. However, while it is true that car detailing adds a lot of value to your vehicle, the key is to do it right, and for that, the first and foremost condition is choosing a trusted car detailing company and also a reliable paint protection film installer Springfield. Make sure that you do thorough research online before you decide on one, and if possible, meet with prior customers to see the work they have done first hand, in addition to asking them about their experience.

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