How To Choose A Rug For Every Room Of Your House

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You cannot just buy a couple of traditional rugs of the same kind for all your rooms; every room of your house has a different ambiance and therefore, it deserves to get a rug that suits its aura the most.

Here’s how you can particularly choose a rug for every single room of your house.

A bedroom rug should only be able to cover your bed and side table

Your bed is the prime object of your bedroom; it is the focal point of your bedroom hence it should be kept in mind while purchasing a rug. Whether you have a king-size round bed, or you have an ordinary bed, it barely matters, choose a rug larger than the space your bed usually covers.

Let’s suppose that you choose a bedroom rug that is just as large as your bed, it will hardly be visible to anyone who enters your bedroom. It should clearly be greater than your bed and its side tables in size, so to say. Since, it is your bedroom — it is better to choose a rug in a color that goes well with your bedroom’s theme.

Your dining room rug should be a little wider, a little lengthier than your dining table

Well, your dining room rug has to be slightly different than your bedroom rug. Dining room is always an energetic place with lots of gossip and laughter and delectable food, hence, better choose a color that speaks volumes about life.

Also, choose a rug that is slightly more colossal than the dining table itself. Even if you pull any of the chairs, they won’t go out of line, they would still be in the circumference of the rug. No matter what shape you choose – round or rectangular, be careful about the size of the area rug for it has to be marginally larger than the dining table.

A study-room rug in any of the serene colors should be surrounding the study table and more

Study room is one of your safest havens where you can immerse into books and forget the world outside, therefore, you need to be very thoughtful of what kind of rug you are choosing for that part of your house. A study rug needs to give you an ambiance of ease and relaxation, hence, never opt for anything besides soothing colors. Also, it can lie somewhere around your study table – it doesn’t necessarily have to be under the table.

A living-room rug in a rather loud color should be embellishing the seating area, specifically

Living room is where you and your entire family gather every evening for a healthy chit-chat and scrumptious supper. Living room is also kind of a vivacious area full of positive vibes, and therefore, the rug you choose for this area has to be bright and blazing too. This rug should be covering your seating area by and large, but in case, you want to do a little improvisation to this regular setup of the living area, you are absolutely unimpeded to do so.

A bathroom rug in any of the whites can be placed right beside the bathtub

Bathroom is usually an area of your house that is cozy and homely, therefore, the rug you choose for your bathroom should be relatively small but more squishy. And, note to yourself that it has to be placed right ahead of the bathtub. It should feel super-soft just as you land your feet on it coming straight out of the bathtub, therefore, try to pick a silk rug or something similar.

A kitchen rug should be covering the area between refrigerator and stove

A kitchen rug might seem less important but it is in fact not. It is more or less as important as other rugs placed in different nooks of your house. Kitchen also has to be a comfort zone for you and your house help. Therefore, carefully choose a rug for this unique part of your house. Place it somewhere near the fridge but not too far from the stove. Tortilla brown and wood brown and walnut brown are the best colors for a rug to be placed in the kitchen. When shopping for area rugs, make sure you are buying authentic handmade rugs Northern VA.

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