What To Know About Karastan Rugs

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Rugs are available in many varieties and make. If you admire traditional rugs, here is everything you need to know about Karastan rugs and whether they are popular among people or not.

Karastan Rugs

You might be surprised to know this, but Karastan is actually not a type or make of rug. It is a brand name for rugs. These rugs have a classic and oriental look to them, combined with rich and vibrant colors which are sure to make your room or space look beautiful and different from other contemporary styles. Thus, the brand came out in 1928 and since then, these rugs have been a popular choice of oriental rugs for people who want to add a flair of traditional beauty to their spaces.

The most common design of Karastan rugs is that of Axminster, which is a broad weave in a loom, which resembles the look of a handmade Persian rug. This design is probably the bestseller article of the Karastan company and the design speaks for itself. It is rich and vibrant with beautiful color patterns and designs, which are sure to take your breath away.

How It Came To Being?

This company came into being in 1928, and its first mill or factory was made by its retailer, Marshall Fields. The first textile manufacturing mill was made in North Carolina and the rest is history from there. These rugs are great because they are not only beautiful but they have the strength to them as well. It is a strong rug that is going to last you a long time and it won’t ever go out of style.

Oriental rugs attract a lot of people and the main reason is because of their intricate weaving techniques and patterns. It’s not something you see in modern rugs and Karastan’s Axminster rugs really do a good job of filling the void of traditional designs and beauty.

These rugs are also made of wool, but some variants are also available which are purely synthetic. They are obviously a lot less expensive than the woolen kind, but they do just as well as any other rug.

Display Ideas

If you are looking for ways to design and incorporate a Karastan Axminster rug in your home, then here are some design and display ideas that will make the rug the center of attention:

These rugs go great with stairwells. You can easily put them on stairwells, hallways, or any other long paths, where the designs can be seen without any hindrance.

These rugs look beautiful as they are, centered in a room. You can place them in the living room or even your bedroom. These rugs are available in a lot of lengths and you can decide which one you want to go for, depending on the placement of the rug in the room.

You can also use this rug as wall décor. This is more of a modern approach to designing an oriental rug but the appeal and style are all the same. If you have blank walls and want to spice things up around your room, then you should definitely consider using this rug as a wall tapestry.

Are They Worth It?

The brand “Karastan” is known for making durable rugs. Even now, as the company has been sold out to other manufacturers and is now specializing in making synthetic rugs, the rugs made back in the day are still in pristine condition and they are sold as antique articles. This rug was used in the Chicago Fair, where more than 10 million people walked on it, proving its durability and strength.

The design “Kirman 717” is also supposed to be the best-selling article of the company people still have those rugs and they are in great condition. The key here is to make sure that you are taking care of the woolen rugs because that’s the only way these rugs will last you a lifetime.


There you have it! Karastan rugs are extremely durable and they have been known to last a long time. When shopping for these rugs, look for stores that have traditional and antique rugs VA. And make sure you buy genuine handmade rugs.

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