How To Choose Bathroom Fixtures For Your Bathroom Remodel

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When doing a bathroom remodeling project, you’re going to want to change out your existing bathroom fixtures and install new ones. Here’s everything you need to know.

Don’t Believe The High Prices

Bathroom fixtures can be expensive. If you’re ever out and about, looking for fixtures, you will see that some of them are obnoxiously priced. You might think that expensive fixtures are great and will last long, but that’s not usually the case.

Usually, expensive bathroom fixtures are very luxurious brands and though they might be beautiful to look at, they have almost zero functionality and they don’t tend to last as long. That’s why it’s better to do your research and go for fixtures that are not only reasonable in price, but they are also durable.

Get A Wall-Mounted Shower Fixture

There is a general perception about showers. The fewer moving and handling components in the shower cubicle, the more longer it is likely to last. If you can, try and go for wall-mounted shower heads, because they are low maintenance and you just set it and forget it.

They don’t need to be moved around a lot, these styles perform well in the shower too and it’s obviously one less thing you need to handle in the shower, so you have both of your hands free to do your normal shower routine. These are great and people love the shift from handheld shower heads to wall-mounted ones. Moreover, choose between shutters or curtains if you don’t want to get a shower cubile.

Choose Classic Styles

This tip ties in with the first one. Try to not get carried away with the intricate designs of bathroom fixtures. They need to be simple and stylish so that you can use them effectively and they also tend to be more timeless this way. You can go for l-shaped faucets, bar handles, and simple steel shower heads.

Even though they are simple and look “plain”, they are going to add a lot of character to your bathroom and the style never gets old, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with trends.

Avoid Too Much Detail

People tend to forget that bathroom fixtures are not a work of art, so it’s pointless to spend a lot of money on “beautiful designs” of faucets, taps, and other fixtures. It’s better to invest in good quality and material of the fixtures because at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most and that’s going to gauge the longevity of the fixtures.

Bathroom remodeling is not something you do on a regular basis, so if you’re doing it once, you might as well do it right and save yourself the trouble of constantly changing out the fixtures.

Go With A Color Scheme

Following a color scheme is important, especially when toilet and sink bowls are concerned. You need these things to match or at least coordinate with the rest of the bathroom. If you have a lighter-colored bathroom interior, then it’s best to go for neutral-colored fixtures too. You can add bold pops of color through your towels and other knick knacks.

If you pay attention to the color scheme of the bathroom, it’s going to make a huge difference and your bathroom will look more put together and thought through.

Best Materials For Fixtures

Last but not least, you need to think about the materials for the different bathroom fixtures. For the faucets, shower heads, and taps, try to go for stainless steel as this will last long, won’t tarnish and it’s available in a lot of colors, so you can choose something which goes with your bathroom color scheme.

As far as toilets and sinks are concerned, the best material to go for is ceramic or China, because it is an extremely lustrous material and it’s extremely durable and crack resistant, as long as you don’t put a lot of force on them.


There you have it!  These tips are going to make sure that you select the best type of fixtures for your bathroom, that won’t cost you a fortune and will last longer. Discuss this with your bathroom remodeling contractor Bowie as well because they will know the cost and practicality of different types of fixtures.

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