When To Replace Your Rug

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Even if you are the most regular of cleaners, there will come a time when you would have to replace your rug because no rug is meant to last forever. Most probably you will start wondering after some years that now is the time to change your Persian antique rug or not. You might have area oriental rugs which might be showing signs of the need to replace.

Tips to find antique rugs

  1. Matting

This is often said to be the first signs to be visible in the ruining of a rug. The softness and the shine that your rug had at the beginning is soon to go under serious damage because of a lot of traffic and the dust brought with shoes.  The fiber used in the rug will seem dull and will lose its durability. Matting is when the fiber of the rug starts to settle down or look piled up due to heavy traffic and even the most expensive and thorough of cleaning cannot fix that. That only option then is to get your rug replaced.

  1. Stains

You can hide the stains for some years but then a time comes when the stains can no longer be hidden. Even if you have stain resistant treatment done on your rugs, it stops working after a while and all the tricks and do it yourself techniques stop working their magic too. One or two stains can be hidden by furniture but when the stains increase there is no other option left but to change your rug. The longer you wait or delay the replacement of your rug the worse it is going to get. So before a guest points it out to you it is better that you take the wiser decision.

  1. Smells

If you suddenly realize that your Persian antique rug is giving a very offensive odor then it is time to check out a new rug. Years of spilling and dirt has either seeped into the fiber of the carpet or gone beyond the padding. That is why no matter how much you clean your rug the foul smell still remains. Especially if you have an area oriental rug then it would have suffered a lot due to traffic.

  1. Worn-out

When you walk on your rug and you notice wrinkling or uneven footing then it is a sign that your rug is going through its last years. It might also look frayed, discolored, matted and worn out at the edges, all the signs that it needs replacement. If only some parts of the rug show these signs then those parts can be changed but if the entire rug is in this condition then the only option is that the entire rug is replaced.

  1. Allergic

If your family suffers from allergies and colds then you need to be hyper-aware of the allergic symptoms. If you suddenly find your family members going through sneezing fits or rashes when around the rug then it is sure sign that the rug is no use now. This happens because of the years of dust and material that has piled up underneath the rug or in the fiber of the rug. New rugs usually have a coating that prevents dust but as years go by this coating becomes ineffective. Your rug might come to a stage of fungi and mold which means an immediate replacement.

  1. Dampness

If you live in a country where the weather is usually humid then the rug is most likely to suffer from frequent dampness and is going to start giving a foul odor too.

  1. Lifespan

A rug is generally meant to last from five to fifteen years but a lot of traffic and usage can lower these years and lifespan of your carpet.  Each rug depending on what fiber is used in it has a different lifespan but signs such as loss of cushioning or the fading away of color usually bring your attention to the fact that your rug has reached the end of its lifespan and can no longer be used. Persian antique rugs usually have a lower lifespan than area oriental rugs VA.

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