How To Use Rugs In A Minimalistic Décor?

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Minimalism is a huge trend that’s getting very popular these days. There’s just something about a minimally decorated house that looks complete and clean at the same time. If you love area rugs like Persian rugs and tribal rugs and want to incorporate them in your room décor minimally, then here are some amazing ways and ideas to give a try.

Go For Neutral Colors

The biggest slogan of minimalism is “go light and subtle”. Minimalism doesn’t allow any harshness and it’s one of the qualities that makes it so demanding and popular. If you want to capture the essence of minimalism and want to incorporate rugs to accompany the entire look, then you need to be vigilant about the color selection.

There are a lot of colors available in oriental, Persian, synthetic, and even Turkish rugs, but you want to select something that doesn’t scream harsh and something that’s comforting to look at. So, go for colors lime white, beige, off-white, light gray, taupe, light blue, dirty green, and pastel colors, because these are going to compliment the theme of minimalism perfectly and your room will be transformed into a minimalist’s dream come true. The trick is to go for colors that don’t clash with one another.

You might think that matching subtle colors is easy, but if you don’t understand the tones and hues, then it’s going to be a huge hassle for you to decorate within the minimalist circle. For the best color matching, you need to select tones that go together. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to match everything perfectly, rather you want the colors to complement each other.

This goes for when you’re opting for two or more rugs because you want everything to be coordinated, but if you’re choosing just one rug for your minimal décor, then choosing a nice subtle color is enough. Kilim rugs are perfect for this type of décor because there are a lot of subtle patterns and colors that you can go for and every rug is a thing of beauty.

Use Subtle Designs

Another thing that goes hand in hand with minimalism is the fact that you need to choose little to no designs or patterns. The key to a minimally decorated room, that too with rugs, is to be as soft and subtle as possible. Sometimes, the rich and bold patterns of oriental rugs can be blaring and they’re not a good choice for minimal décor.

You want to resist the urge to get rugs that scream boldness because that is going to kill the purpose of going minimal, in the first place. Before you get discouraged, because you might think that you won’t find anything that fits the bracket of minimal décor, there are a lot of options in oriental and different specialty rugs that have minimal designs and patterns, along with a subtle color theme.

Turkish and Persian rugs Virginia are available in a huge variety and you can even take a look at the more subtle and soft designs. These designs are either abstract or have lines of color here and there. It’s a perfect addition for your minimally decorated room and you’ll love the results. Paired with neutral and light colors, the rug will look like a dream in your room.

If you’re still confused as to what subtle designs are, because everyone’s definition of “subtle” is different, then all you need to know is that a minimal and subtle design is something that doesn’t have a lot of pattern and color going on, and the look is soft to the eyes. It won’t clash with the other decorations in your room and it will fit perfectly with the rest of the interior. If you find something that ticks all of these boxes, then you’re good to go.

Keep It Small

One of the most important things to think about when going for a rug and decorating it in a minimal setting is the size. You don’t want to go too overboard with a giant-sized rug, because it’s going to throw everything off-balance.

Area rugs are the perfectly sized rugs that are going to complete the look of your room, without being too obvious or dramatic. A great thing about area rugs is because they’re small, you can even cheat a bit and go for a bolder color, even in a minimally decorated room, because the size is going to compliment the boldness perfectly and you’ll be left with a balanced room, that has a touch of edge to it as well.

This is perfect for all of those minimalists who don’t want to go too bland with their color choice because that’s a huge complaint that a lot of people have with minimalism, that the color scheme is just too plain and boring for certain people. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to choose the subtlest of colors, rather it’s all about balancing everything perfectly so that your room looks complete, but soft at the same time. If you master the art of balancing everything in minimalism, then you’ll be a pro in no time.

Tone Down Everything Else

Since the fact is already established that minimal décor doesn’t mean going for muted colors only and that everything is about balance here is a perfect example to put the words in action. If you want to go for a bolder rug, like a Persian rug with a rich mandala design, floral patterns, and eye-catching colors, then you can certainly do so, but the trick here is muting everything else down.

This is not only going to keep the balance of the tones, but the rug will be the center of attention and everyone’s gazes will stop at the bold article of beauty. The best part about this tip is that the minimal essence will still be there and you won’t throw everything off-kilter with a bolder color choice. This is all what balance is about and you need to exercise this habit to master it completely.

Floor Length Rugs And Minimal Décor

Area rugs are not the only rugs that you can use in minimal décor. You can also opt for floor-covering rugs, but the way you choose a certain rug is where all of the magic lies. You want to choose a rug that’s subtle in color because the perimeter of the rug is overwhelming and if you choose a bold color on top of it being a huge rug, then the balance won’t be maintained.

So, the best way to incorporate a larger rug in your minimal room is to opt for something subtle in design, or it’s even better if it doesn’t have a pattern on it at all. A plain rug with fringes that covers the entire floor will be perfect for your room and it will not only give a cozy vibe but will also fit beautifully.


Who says you can’t go for rugs when you’re being minimal? The trick is to know the balance and when it’s enough. You’ll fall in love with your room décor. Before that, buy the rug carefully and according to your needs. Look into Persian rugs and area oriental rugs VA.

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