What Is The Correct Order Of Doing Kitchen Remodeling?

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Kitchen is where most of the magic happens. It is one of the most frequently visited areas in the house, meaning they should be inviting and made using durable materials. However, with time, your kitchen needs makeovers too just like bedrooms and bathrooms and you need kitchen remodeling contractors for it. The process in the case of kitchens is slightly different. To make sure you plan out everything right, here is a guide you need to follow.

Create A Plan

Creating a plan is the first thing you should do. A lot of people underestimate or ignore this basic tip but it goes a long way in terms of ensuring everything goes according to plan. Remodeling tasks may seem easy from the outside but there are very intricate details that can either make or break the project.

The ideas you imagine may be different in reality. This is why a majority of people are left disappointed when they cannot implement their vision in reality. The reason is they failed to consider other factors that impact their project.

Furthermore, creating a plan ensures everyone is on the same boat. Miscommunication is common in such projects and can cost heavily in terms of both time and money. Also, define a budget and acquire any permits if required.

If possible, hire an expert to make smart decisions in terms of the kitchen layout, choice of materials, etc. Otherwise, tearing down the walls afterward is going to be expensive.

Prep The Kitchen

Once you have made a plan, it is time to prepare the kitchen. Start by removing all the old and rusty kitchen cabinets, fixtures, etc. At the same time, you should hire a dump service so that you can transfer the useless old items straight into the dump as you remove them.

Piling them somewhere in the house is going to take up space and you might not have the time to handle them later on. And once you are done doing that too, you should focus on the foundation of the kitchen. Because it has been years since the kitchen was remodeled, it is possible there are cracks, damage, or leakages in the walls or floors.

Before you can bring in the new stuff, you will have to fix these issues to prevent wasting your investment.

Plumbing And Electrical

The next thing on the list is plumbing and electrical. Now that your walls and floors are cleared up, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get down to fixing all the wires and pipes. If you ignore this step, you will soon find yourself drilling holes in the back of the new cabinets that are simply going to damage their value.

Instead of doing it on your own, you should call an expert. Saving some money but not hiring an expert will take much longer and carries risks. As mentioned earlier, missing out on intricate details costs heavily in the long run. The last thing you would want is not spotting a leaking pipe only to find out when the wall is newly painted.

Paint The New Walls

Now that the plumbing is done, you should begin to paint the new walls. This is where the kitchen will start looking how you imagined but do not get carried away with it. With numerous options in hand, it is easy to pick the wrong colors. The best way to pick the right kitchen walls color is by considering the color of the cabinets and the overall theme.

At the same time, the color should not be hard to maintain either. Kitchens can become dusty and greasy quite fast. This means you might need to clean it every time at the end of the day. So, dark colors won’t work in a kitchen like this. Instead, opt for lighter colors because they are the norm and appear beautiful.

Cabinets And Flooring

When it comes to installing cabinets and flooring, some kitchen remodeling Rockville experts say that cabinets should be installed before flooring while others recommend the opposite. You can go any route depending on the convenience. If you feel there is going to be a lot of human traffic and you do not want anyone to step inside the kitchen until it is completed, you should begin with the cabinets.

But, if you want to speed it up, you can work on both as well for that matter. In the case of cabinets, it may take about a week for them to arrive. In the meantime, you can focus on the flooring and get it done way before the cabinets are supposed to be installed.

Order And Install Countertops

Once the cabinets and flooring are done, you can proceed with installing the countertops. Keep in mind that this step will come after the cabinets are installed as you will need to have a perfect measurement. You should also consider installing the sink at this moment so you should have it at this point.

Depending on the order and other external factors, it may also take some time for the countertops to arrive. In the meantime, you should look around and order any remaining items like decorative lighting, hardware, etc. Furthermore, the material you choose also determines the time and effort it will take.

For instance, if you opt for granite, know that it is relatively more complicated to install. However, it will last years to come. However, budget and other factors need to be considered to help make the best decision.

Install The Sink And Other Appliances

Finally, it is time to install the new sink along with the other accessories. Make sure you are done with installing the cabinets and other essentials first. Make some space for refrigerators and similar kitchen appliances to have everything set up in the right place. The reason is these appliances are heavy and you cannot move them regularly.

The bulk of the work is done by this time. However, it wouldn’t hurt to call in a plumber/electrician to make sure everything is good to go.

For instance, the plumber will know how to connect your new dishwasher with the previously installed plumbing fixtures and ensure the new gas stove is properly installed.

Maintain The Kitchen

Now that you are done remodeling your dream kitchen, all you need to do is maintain it. If you want things to look brand new for years to come, you will need to put in some time and effort. However, you do not need to call in a professional for this. Simply make sure you thoroughly clean the kitchen at least once a week or at the end of the day.

This keeps the kitchen clean and also prolongs the life of the kitchen accessories, features, and fixtures. Otherwise, you will soon find yourself remodeling the entire kitchen again.


Remodeling a kitchen is a fairly simple process if you were to follow the steps mentioned above. Always plan out the process and hire a kitchen remodeler Bowie for making the right decisions. Pick the right colors and materials based on your budget, needs, preferences, and maintenance to keep things straightforward. And, make sure to maintain the kitchen to make your money worth it.

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