Don’t Make These 5 Grease Trap Cleaning Mistakes

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Grease trap cleaning services know what mistakes most people make when they clean grease traps but it’s a problem for homeowners, restaurant owners and other people who clean building drains by themselves. It should be noted that grease is lighter than water so it doesn’t mix. When it enters drains, bad things happen. The ultimate result comes in form of grease traps clogged in the drains, pipes and other drain lines.

Things to know about drain cleaning companies

This is not a wise solution to clean that yourself, if you don’t know how to treat grease trap clogs properly. In such cases, you get the services of drain cleaning companies. However, there are situations when you have no other options but to clean it by yourself. So in order to avoid these mistakes, you need to check the below listed blunders most people make while cleaning grease trap.

Hot Flushing the Drains

This is a very common practice used by people in restaurants and commercial buildings. They believe flushing hot water into the drains will help weaken the grease traps and then remove them from the drains. However, this is a serious mistake. People should understand that grease will melt with hot water but ends up clogging in the pipes again once it gets cold. The best way to get rid of grease trap is to use pumps or other specifically designed tools. Pouring hot water kills useful bacteria that should stay in order to eat some grease traps.

Not Replacing Damaged Gaskets

Here is another mistake reported by a good number of individuals. Gaskets provide a kind of seal for the grease trap lid and when someone opens it quickly or firmly, there is a chance that you will damage the seal. Many people believe this doesn’t matter and has no bad effects on the drains. But according to grease trap cleaning services, this is something that keeps the grease inside the trap and prevent bad smells or odors. In case it’s damaged and not replaced or repaired, you will see the overflow and unpleasant smell everywhere around.

Not Following the Laws

There are certain laws for grease trap cleaning. According to these laws, the commercial building, restaurant and plaza owners should follow what the laws in order to keep grease trap away from drains and not cause blockage or clogging. People are not aware of these laws and the regulatory authorities may impose heavy fines in case of violations. It’s important for the people to know and understand what the laws say in this regard.

Not Keeping Grease Trap Clean

Most of the time owners of commercial buildings don’t care about the grease trap and maintenance. When the trap is damaged and remain unrepaired for some time, it causes a number of serious problems. First, the trap clogs inside the drains and pipes making it difficult for the waste water to release and be transported to wastewater treatment plants. This needs urgent maintenance and any grease trap damage should be repaired immediately, otherwise it will make you pay heavy fines and destroys the whole drain system in the building.

Not Hiring a Good Grease Trap Cleaning Service

When homeowners can’t do the drain fixing, they prefer to hire any of the trusted drain cleaning companies. These companies are everywhere and they do good jobs. But the real issue is people don’t know which grease trap cleaning service is good and which is not. So always ask someone who has hired a company, check the blogs, company profiles, their social site profiles and make sure their previous customers were satisfied with their services. This research will come in handy to ensure the best work is done when you have drain issues.

Final Words

Grease trap cleaning is tricky and people with no or little experience make some mistakes that turn out to be harmful and expensive as well. For avoiding these mistakes, the homeowners should have enough knowledge of grease trap cleaning and tools used for fixing the drain issues. Furthermore, be careful while choosing grease trap cleaning services for your works and take help from someone. Last but not the least, keep eyes on your service provider to make sure the right job was done.

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