How To Respond To Facebook Reviews

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Facebook reviews or recommendations can prove to be a tremendous help if you create a marketing strategy where you or your team wisely reply to the reviews. Some brands and businesses want to keep public interaction between them and their customers minimum. They don’t respond to any kind of reviews. They are missing out on opportunities. Once a customer leaves a review, use a review management system to respond to the review with the tips below.

Responding To Positive Facebook Reviews

These are the glowing reviews you want. When a customer leaves a positive review, a no reply from your business would make other customers and Facebook page visitors notice that your business doesn’t care about its customers. So, replying to positive reviews with these tips

Personalize The Response

A common mistake businesses make when responding to Facebook reviews is copy-pasting the same generic reply to all the reviews. This can turn off customers and visitors.

So, when responding to any review, be it positive or negative, you should personalize it. Use the customer’s name in the response.

Thank The Customer

Thanking your customer for leaving a review is a common but necessary practice. They spent time writing the review for free so you should thank them for it.

Many brands thank the customer at the beginning of the response and end the response with thanks again. This shows how much the review and customer mean to the business.

Reply To What The Customer Has Said

To make every response unique, you should address or reply to the specific points in the review that you want to expand on. You can also use this opportunity to subtly talk about good stuff about the product or service the customer bought. But never mention other products or services. Stick to the product the customer bought.

Don’t Stuff The Rely With Keywords

Putting one or two keywords is fine only when required. This enables you to tell the visitors which product or service the reviewing customer is talking about. But putting too many keywords will give the visitors the clue that you’re using the reply for marketing your products.

Responding To Negative Reviews On Facebook

Ignoring the negative is a mistake made by many businesses. You should reply to negative Facebook reviews to show your customers and visitors that you care about your customers. Smart replies can help you improve your online reputation and make people trust your business.

Don’t Get Angry

The worst responses are made in anger and by people who lose their cool. When you’re working hard for your business, a negative review can stress you out. But let this stress get the better of you.

Think of it from the customer’s perspective who’s upset because they didn’t get what he/she was expecting. So, keep your cool and try to figure out the cause of the problem.

Personalize The Review And Thank Them For Leaving A Review

Personalizing reviews and thanking customers for leaving reviews is suggested for all types of reviews. So, address the customer by their name and thank them for taking the time out.

Be Sympathetic And Apologetic

Take note of the situation of the customer and apologize that they are going through this. It’s possible that the issue the customer had is not your fault, but it doesn’t put the blame on them. Ease them up and tell them that you’re aware of the situation.

Never Change The Subject

When a customer leaves a negative review, they would like to see a response that addresses the specific problem they are having. Don’t try to cover things up in the reply by changing the subject and avoiding the actual subject.

Make Things Right

After addressing the problem, you should show that you want to make it up to them. Tell them to send you a private message and ask for their email or phone number to resolve the problem. Many customers change the rating to positive when their issue is resolved.


Responding to Facebook reviews show your customers and anyone visiting your Facebook page that you hear your customers out and care for them. It also helps in improving your SEO. So, get your hands on a white label review management software and manage and respond to Facebook reviews the right way.

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