Advantages of faux granite kitchen tops

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Do you love the look and feel of granite countertops but do not have the budget to buy them? If yes, then faux granite countertops maybe the best choice for you. These countertops look identical to the more expensive granite stone tops.

The term ‘faux’ itself refers to ‘not real’. However, this certainly does not mean that faux granite countertops have a low quality. Rather, faux granite countertops are extremely popular among homeowners these days.

These countertops are made with the help of primer and coats of paint. After the paint dies, a sealant is used to provide a protective layer.

Benefits of faux granite countertops

There are many advantages that faux granite tops have over regular granite countertops. In this article, we put together all of these benefits for you so that you can make your mind up about buying these countertops.

These benefits include:


In comparison to regular granite stone countertops, the faux granite countertops are quite long-lasting. These countertops are bound to last for many years to come. Furthermore, they are far more affordable in comparison to granite. This is one of the most obvious advantages of these countertops.

After all, many of us love the aesthetic appeal of granite tops but cannot afford them. In case you buy decent quality faux granite countertops, nobody will be able to tell the difference apart.

Long lasting

Faux granite countertops are going to serve you for many years to come. At least, they may last a decade. This is of course, a time period lesser than what pure granite tops offer you. However, the significantly lesser cost of faux granite countertops can still make them highly worth it.

Easy maintenance

Granite slabs tend to be porous. As a result of this, they require regular sealing. However, this is not the case with faux granite countertops. Unlike regular tops, these countertops do not require any sealing. As a result of this, they take a huge burden off from the shoulders of homeowners.

In case you have a busy lifestyle and cannot deal with the regular maintenance of granite countertops, then the faux granite countertops are a good option for you. Overall, these countertops are perfect for those who want affordability coupled with ease.

Many designs and colors

Since they are a popular choice of many kitchen owners, faux granite countertops come in a wide variety of designs and colors. Hence, homeowners can customize the entire look of their kitchen with these countertops.

With these countertops, there is no limitations in the color, design, and textures. Hence, they are highly suitable for many homeowners.

Sophisticated look and feel

In case you are wondering, the faux granite countertops offer just the same feel and look as granite countertops. Hence, they are often the top priority of many homeowners. So, you may as well find them highly suitable if you love the look of granite but cannot buy them because of a lower budget.


Well, do not think that faux granite countertops have a low quality just because they mimic the feel and look of granite. These countertops are designed to last for a long time. In case you take proper care of these countertops, they may even last a lifetime.

For the best results, make sure that the company you are choosing for countertop installation is decent enough. Since installation of these countertops is not difficult at all, companies are not likely to charge you very high for them.

Just make sure that you are taking help from the best countertop replacement Raleigh NC company for that and you will see great results.

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