Granite Vs Wood Countertops – How To Choose?

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Choosing a material for your kitchen countertop can be a challenge and the two best materials: granite kitchen countertops and wood or butcher block kitchen countertops are always the ones to look out for. Here is a comparison of both of them for you to determine the best one for you.


Granite countertops and wood kitchen countertops are both different from each other in durability, quality and of course the pricing. The pricing is important to see if you are on a budget. Granite is pricier than the wood because of the uniqueness of its stone and the engineering it takes to process it. You can look for inexpensive countertops, if you want something within your budget.

A reason for granite countertop to be expensive than wood is that the natural stone is much expensive than any sort of wood. The size of the countertop and the number of appliances on it can affect its price and the toughness. However, if you are on a budget but want your countertop to look elegant and there are a lot of angles that need to be cut then go for wood countertops.

Wood countertops can range from anywhere between $1000-$2000 per 30 square feet whereas the same length would cost around $3000-$3500 for granite.


Both of these countertops work differently, and both can endure certain things. Wood countertops are easy to clean and are scratch and cut resistant so you can easily cut the chop your vegetables without using a cutting board. Wood countertops are also stain resistant to an extent.

Granite countertops, however, can have you prepare your food on its surface but doesn’t allow you to cut veggies or anything freely without using a chopping board. Granite is easily scratched, and it is harder to fix that.

Due to its heat resistance, granite countertops can also allow you to have hot pots and pans be placed right on top of it which is a luxury you cannot do with wood countertops.


Of course, these both countertops differ in their appearance. Both of them are available in a wide variety but it is up to the buyers to decide what look they prefer. Wood countertops are available in many variants of wood including maple, oak birch, walnut, cherry and as many as you can think of. All of them have different characteristics which make them unique in their own way. They provide with an elegant look that can look in contrast with your kitchen.

The appearance of granite countertops is the most exciting characteristic of it. They are popular mainly for their appearance. Every granite stone is unique to another one which makes the granite available in a number of unique patterns, colors and shapes.


Maintenance for both of them is different in many aspects. They both require seals for protection however the nature of the seal is different. The chemicals in the sealants of wood countertops restrict them to be used as a cutting board because of the risk of damaging the seal. They require regular sealing and the stains need to instantly wipe out. If not complied, the countertop will start to look worn out and refinishing is required.

When an countertop expert installs a granite countertop, they will also have it sealed. Granite, which is already hard and durable in its natural state, will be much more toughened and bacteria proof. They require usual sealing but not as much as wood. Since granite does not fade away the only thing that can determine whether it requires sealing is if the liquid is absorbed into the stone. If it does happen, immediately have it sealed.


Wood countertop can take less time to install than granite countertop due to its light weight. Installation can require some patience from the buyer. Wood countertops need to match the cabinets and hence they are made-up. Another thing is if the cupboard underneath it can hold it. To ensure that, some type of blocking is first installed to support it properly.

Granite installers Rockville can take up to 24 hours to install due to its weight. The granite stone is cut to have it fit in perfectly. Cabinets are another issue when installing granite countertops because they may not be able to support their weight. This is the reason why they take a lot of time to perfectly install.

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