Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

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There are two types of people – the carefree and the well-organized. If you are a carefree person, you might leave your basic household appliances like the air conditioner unmaintained which means your AC might stop working sooner than later. If you fall in the organized category of people and maintain your AC well – it is still bound to stop working efficiently in the long run. In both cases, it is only obvious that you will have to seek AC repair services to ensure that it continues to work flawlessly in the long run. Any local air conditioner repair company can provide you with professional help at any hour of the day. However, it is best to have a few effective tricks to solve common AC problems up your sleeve.

Common Air Conditioner Problems & Solutions

If your AC is not working properly and you are planning to seek AC repair services from any air conditioner repair company; our advice to you stops and think about it yourself for a moment. There are many AC problems that are much common and do not require you to waste money on a professional to repair. In fact, depending on the nature of the problem you can fix the issue yourself.

List of the most common AC problems

Problem – 1

AC is not turning ON


The most common issue reported by used for the AC is that it does not turn ON. Although it might appear as nothing but for a person with zero knowledge about air conditioners, this can be very traumatizing. However, the quickest savior for this problem is to ensure that the AC is getting enough voltage power. The AC will not turn on if it is not getting ample voltage power from the back. The problem might not be with the AC but the circuit itself. So the key is to look for electrical faults first.

Problem – 2

Cooling is not up-to-mark


The purpose of the AC is to produce cooling. If you feel that the room is not chill enough or the cooling is not up-to-mark; the first thing you do is seek AC repair. However, news to you might be that this is not something major for which you look for help from any professional air conditioner repair company. The reasons behind this problem might be several.

  • The ducts are blocked.
  • The filters are not clean enough.
  • Voltage supply is low which means the AC is not even working properly.
  • The thermostat of the AC is not set at the right temperature. Many people do not even shift the AC settings from fan to cooling and wonder why the room is not chill enough.

Problem – 3

Water leakage


People often complain of the AC leaking as soon as it is installed. The reason for this is pretty obvious – the AC is not installed properly. The bad position and fixing of the air conditioner are causing the leak. The solution is to get it re-fixed immediately. You can even try to do it on your own. It is best to call air conditioner repair company falls church though.

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