What are the different types of boom truck cranes?

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Lifting and transporting of heavy materials has become a common activity in all building construction work or work relating to telecommunications or electricity.    It ability to travel helps heavy loads to be transported from site to site in a simple and straight forward process.  A turntable, rotating platform or a turntable at the center, control cabin, fixed or telescopic or boom etc are the important parts of a boom trucks uses by different rigging services. Cranes of different types are used for carrying out this type of activities.   Boom trucks consist of heavy machinery mounted on truck which is used for lifting dropping and for moving heavy weights to different places and positions.

Different types of boom trucks

Swing cab and fixed cab are the two main types of boom cranes now commonly in use. These two types of boom trucks have their own special characteristics which make them suitable for different types of services intended to be carried out by them.

Fixed cab

Fixed cab is a crane with a built in cabin facing in one specific direction. This restricts the load that can be lifted by this type of cranes. This type of crane has been considered as very versatile because of its ability to move itself and transport the load to the required site. The boom on the crane can be moved to any desired direction.

Swing cab

Swing cab is better and more useful and more versatile than the fixed cab. This type of cranes has the facility to moving the operator’s cabin in tune with the booms movement. Improved vision and greater mobility are the plus points of this type of cranes. If the boom is telescopic it can improve the functionality and as such they are preferred by the construction companies.

Other types of trucks

Bucket trucks are another type of similar trucks marketed by crane companies washington dc.  This type of truck is the best choice for telecom companies, forestry, etc who need to carry out different types of jobs at higher positions.  The truck’s lifting arm is attached to a bucket. In this bucket the worker can stand safely and perform all the activities needed for lifting or dropping and transporting the load. Extra safety can be provided if the buckets are made of fiberglass or other non conducting materials which can safe guard the operator from the problem of electrical shock. Other accessories like wire dispenser, boom strap, air compressor etc can be made available in the bucket to make the security of the operator stronger and safer.

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