How To Choose A Central Heating System For Your Home

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When it comes to choosing the best central heating system for your house, there are a lot of options available in the market. There was a time when fireplaces were used to heat up spaces or areas but nowadays technological advancement has allowed central heating systems to take place. Therefore, with a number of HVAC companies and heating options available in the market, you should be choosing a brand that is reliable. We shall help you out with the process. Follow us!

Types of Heating Systems


Furnaces happen to be the most popular central heating systems. Such type of heating systems basically blow hot air into your house by using a well-managed duct system. These are also known as forced air heating systems and the best part about them is that you can use any type of fuel that is both affordable and of advantage to run the system. The types of fuel normally used include oil, gas and electricity coal, which are commonly available at affordable prices.

Gas Fueled Fireplaces

Gas fuel fireplaces used to be installed in most advanced homes, as they were very easy to install and maintain as well, especially when it comes to comparing them with old styled fireplaces. Most people even today prefer to have gas fireplaces as they receive much attention and are considered as safe and don’t have the problems of a traditional fireplace.


The next option on the list when it comes to choosing the best central heating system for your house is boilers or radiant central heating systems as they call them. For these systems, the term boilers and furnaces are used interchangeably. Whereas, in fact in reality they happen to be different from each other. Basically boilers use water that is heated by using natural gas, propane and electricity and sends it down into your house using old-style radiators and aluminum sheets present or installed in ceilings, walls and floors. Do not confuse yourself by the term boiling. The water does not boil in the system. If we talk about furnace systems, it forces the heater air into your house using duct system.

Heat Pumps

The last on the list are heat pumps. Heat pumps use a refrigerant to absorb all the heat from outside sources like the air, body and even the ground. It then uses the heat exchanger to transfer the heat inside. Heat pumps that are commonly used will normally draw heat from the ground or ambient air.


Efficiency plays an important role when it comes to deciding the type of central heating system you should go for. The more efficient a system is, the less cost it will require to run or operate it. Different brands will be offering different efficiency for their products and you will need to carefully consider all factors.

Choosing the Right Sized HVAC

Now that you will be able to better decide the type of central heating system, you want for your house, it is now time to decide the right size.

Determine Square Footage

The first step is measuring the floor space of your house. It might be mentioned somewhere on the floor or otherwise you will have to measure it yourself. If you intend to measure the room on your own, use a tape measure to measure the length and width of the room. Now, multiple those numbers to get the square footage for that room. You will have to repeat the process for the entire house and then add them all together.

Determine the Base BTU

The unit that is used to measure both heating and cooling is British Thermal Unit. Normally in order to heat a square foot of your house, 25 BTUs is required, so multiple the number of square feet by 25 in order to get the base BTU.

Account for Ceilings

If the ceilings of your house happen to be above 8 feet, multiple the base BTU number by 1.25 or 25%.

In the end, regardless of the type you want to get installed in your house, make sure that necessary heating service repairs huntington for the particular type you are about to choose are available. You would not want to find yourself freezing when the winter season is at its peak.

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