Do I Need Emergency Drain Cleaning

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Drainage problems can be one of the worst experiences homeowners may encounter, especially when it completely gets out of hand. When you overlook the symptoms that could lead to bigger problems then you have no option but to get emergency rooter services.

Properly working drainage system is a blessing in disguise which you do not realize until and unless you face situations that call for emergency drain cleaning. If you experience any of the below mentioned issues then you need emergency drain cleaning.

Water Backup

This is the most common reason to call in the emergency drain cleaning and every homeowner would have faced this at least once in their lifetime. It is the backflow of the water continuously from the source without stopping. The worst form of water backup is the sewer backflow as it could ruin your floors, furniture and carpets badly with the dirty and smelly water. This happens slowly due to a clog in the pipers which gets bigger with time if left unattended. The clog may be due to waste or mineral substances and sometimes it gets so big that it causes complete blockage of the pipes and is very stubborn to get rid of.

Smelly Water

This is another issue that requires emergency drain cleaning as only the plumber could know the source of the smelly water. You tend to throw all sorts of stuff which includes food waste and even grease down the drain which may become clogged in the pipes and could get stuck and cause the water to smell. Another reason may be the result of sewer gas produced in the drain due to the water being evaporated because it is not used often and it rises up the pipes and causes a very yucky smell which could make your house smelling like a sewer and poses many health hazards as well.

Colored or Cloudy Water

If the water that is coming from the taps in your house is anything but clear then the issue should be immediately addressed. Discoloration of water or cloudy water could mean dangerous chemical particles which are not safe for you to use. If the water is reddish or pinkish in shade, it means there are traces of iron in the water which indicates an issue with the water heater. If the water is bluish or greenish in color it means that your water pipes are getting corroded which is causing the rust to enter the water. This is a serious issue and a drain or sewer service should be called ASAP.

Frozen Pipes

In places where the winters are very harsh and below 0 degrees then the water in the pipes and the pipes itself could get frozen. Signs that tell that pipes are frozen are that you will hear weird clunking noises when you turn the taps on, the water is completely stopped in your home or you notice frost and ice on the visible pipes of your house. Frozen pipes can lead to severe drainage issues and leaks as well and can completely stop the supply of water in your home which is a serious problem as there is no survival without water.

Water Is Visible Where It Shouldn’t Be

There are certain places where water should not be visible but you can clearly see it is. This is an alarming situation as it could severely damage your premises and property. These places include water pooling around the toilet, water leaking from the ceiling and water seeping up from the floors.

Water Gurgling

If you hear strange gurgling sounds when you open the taps, or turn on the laundry or dishwasher then you should call in the emergency drain cleaning. Gurgling water sounds are due to clogs in the drain or the drainage system trying for air. This causes air bubbles along with the clogs. Turn off the tap immediately or it could lead to severe backflow of the water from the source and cause even more problems.

All these problems if addressed in the initial stages can save you a lot of cost, time and hassle. Get in contact with local drain cleaning services Greenberg to save your time and if you choose the right one, you might save some money too.

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