Etiquettes to be followed in the courtroom

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Are you nervous about your first appearance in the courtroom? Your attorney can prepare you for this, but we have a few suggestions to help you calm down.

The first appearance in the courtroom

The first thing to keep in mind is your attire. If you decide to dress in outrageous or casual or hip way, you can send the wrong message of not taking the proceedings seriously. You wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression to the judge, would you? It is not necessary that every male has a suit. If you do not have a suit, try wearing a collared shirt, trouser and formal shoes. Women should be careful too. Short skirt, cleavage revealing dress or stilettos, is not acceptable. If you want the decision to be in your favor, one needs to remember that the judge has to get the impression that you are a responsible adult.

During the hearing, you will be sitting in front with your lawyer. Your attorney will help you in this matter. Before entering the courtroom, you will have to wait in the gallery or outside the room. Once called, walk to the front of the courtroom and sit next to your lawyer.

You will be asked to testify. If all the points concerning about your divorce has already been discussed, then you will not be called to testify. The judge will check with you if you are aware of the settlement agreement and are you okay with it. If required, your advocate needs to prepare you for a testimony. The attorney will advise you how to reply to the questions. You should answer to the brief and not give away too much information. Deviating from the topic can hamper the results. This part of the hearing need to be planned out and executed well.

How to behave in the courtroom?

Be clear, brief and truthful with your opposing lawyer. You cannot achieve anything by being rude or stubborn in the court. Sarcastic remarks about your spouse can work against you. Try to respect your spouse and everyone present in the court.

The judge can tell by your mannerism, the way you dress up, how you treat people in the court, which can affect the judgement. It is important that you put your best foot forward to creating that first impression. Remember these etiquette in the court and further seek advice of your attorney to make your case a success.

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