How To Do Keratin Treatment At Home

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People have long been assuming that they got to rely on a professional for Keratin treatment, and going to a hair straightening salon is the only option they have in this regard. To your amusement, it is absolutely untrue, you can get it done at home and all by yourself — it’s just that you’ll have to vouch for a number of things for this sake.

Before Getting Started, Wash Your Hair Off With A Clarifying Shampoo

See, it’s very important to remove all sorts of dirt from your hair before going through such an intricate treatment. Even if you had a shower a couple of hours ago, you need to wash your hair anew using a clarifying shampoo. It is absolutely a prerequisite for the person who’s made their mind to go through this hair straightening solution. You can’t afford to start applying keratin before washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo.

Use A Wide-Tooth Comb Right Away To Untangle Any Knots Left In Your Hair

After washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo, you better be eliminating all the knots from your hair. Your hair has to be somewhat untangled before you get started with the application of keratin. It’s better if you use a wide-tooth comb instead of the comb you regularly use because it makes it easier for you to disentangle your messy and brassy hair.

Get Your Hair Dried Using A Hairdryer

After washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo, you either need to wait for them to get dried by themselves or use a hairdryer to get the job done quicker. Remember one thing, you can’t commence the crux of the procedure without your hair dried. It’ll have dangerous consequences on your hair otherwise.

Put On Your Gloves And Get Your Keratin Treatment Ready

You can easily get a keratin treatment from the market, it’s not that big of a deal to find a keratin solution, so nothing to worry about. Cut it from the top using scissors, pour it in a bowl and use a brush to examine the consistency of the liquid, and before you do any of these things, put your gloves on — it’s a must!

Divide Your Hair Into Different Sections Before You Embark On Applying The Treatment

Now, this could be quite tricky as many people make mistakes in this part precisely. You need to be extraordinarily detail-oriented when it comes to instilling your hair with the keratin. You simply can’t dabble into it, you need to do some proper research before it.

You need to learn how to section your hair out into different parts. You can’t carelessly and seamlessly apply the keratin on all your hair. You need to start from the sides of your hair and then move towards the hair nearest to your forehead. That’s how you begin it.

Get The Keratin Applied On Your Hair And Leave It For 10-15 Minutes To Dry

After you apply keratin treatment meticulously on all the necessary parts of your hair, you need to let it dry, you need to give keratin some time to sink in. It might take a couple of minutes to get engrossed and till then you’ll have to wait. You can’t do anything else to your hair until they completely dry.

Run A Flat Iron On Your Hair — Each Section Of Your Hair Must Get The Flat Iron Run Over It At Least 5 To 7 Times

Remember, you can’t run a flat iron on your wet hair — it is sure to have devastating consequences on your hair. And don’t take it lightly, your hair might not be able to retrieve from the damage it could do — so be afraid, be very afraid!

When you notice your hair has dried, you should start moving the flat iron over each section of your hair. Note to yourself, you have to make a host of sections amongst your hair — they have to be 6-8 at the least. Furthermore, each section has to go through flat ironing 5-7 times.

Don’t Forget To Keep The Temperature Of Your Flat Iron At 450 Degrees

It’s very important to consider the temperature of the flat iron you’re going to run on your keratin-carrying and dried hair. Getting the right temperature set is the key. Things can’t be done correctly sans it. Make sure, the temperature of your flat iron isn’t less than 400 degrees at any cost. It’d be best to let it rise to 450 degrees.

Moreover, if you’ve got a keratin treatment salon Rockville that you can trust, be sure to get the hair straightening treatment from them.

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