What Are Remy Hair Extensions And How Are They Different From Human Hair Extensions?

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When you go to hair salons for hair extensions, you are shown different types of hair extension to choose from. The types include Remy hair extensions, human hair extensions, non-Remy hair extensions, virgin hair extensions and many others. You may assume all of these to be the same, but they all are different in texture, characteristics and the way they are collected. Of the hair extensions, the most famous ones are Remy hair extensions and human hair extensions.

What Are Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy means all the characteristics of the hair and also the method of collection of the hair. Remy hair extensions are also human hair extensions, but the way of the collection is different. It is collected in such a way that all the cuticles and follicles of the hair follow the same direction, that is they are set in a unilateral direction. This specific kind of Remy hair collection makes it more manageable and tangle free and matt-free.

This means that with Remy hair extensions there are very fewer chances of getting your hair extensions tangled or matted. They are collected through a method where all the strands of hair, from root to tip, follow the natural direction of the hair in which they grew, which makes them soft, silky and natural to touch. They blend in perfectly with natural hair.

The only setback with Remy hair is that they are very expensive and will also last you a long tie with proper care. The Remy hair is then slightly processed which means it is coated with silicone or further shine and the protective layer.

Difference Between Remy Hair Extensions and Human Hair Extensions

Both of these are human hair extensions but the difference is in the characteristics and the method of collection of the hair. Whichever hair extensions you choose for yourself, make sure you know the difference between the hair extensions when you go to hair salons.

  1. Remy hair extensions are collected from some donors and then processed in such a way that all the cuticles are aligned together in one direction, which means all the strands of the hair, from root to tip follow the same direction and the direction of the natural hair growth. While the human hair extensions are collected fork different hair brushes and from different hair salons and then they are watched in an acid solution to remove all the dirt and chemicals and dyes and also the cuticles.

After this, they are coated in silicone which adds weight to the hair and also to makes it look silky and shine and then is aligned together. The alignment of the cuticles may follow different directions.

  1. Human hair extensions are much cheaper than Remy hair extensions due to the way of a collection of the hair.
  2. Remy hair extensions look very natural, silky and soft and are tangle free and matt-free. They will last a long time which is around 8 to 10 months and will stay manageable for a long time. the human hair extensions will appear silky and shiny initially but then will lose their shine after a few washes as the silicone will wear off and will also become matt and tangled and will not last long.

Whether you choose Remy hair extensions or human hair extensions, make sure to get it done form the best hair salons.

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