Pros And Cons Of Micro Link Hair Extensions

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Want to get thick and healthy hair or longer hair? Want to try different long-haired looks? Well, now you can easily by getting micro link hair extensions and getting healthy hair just like you dream about. Want to know a secret? No one would get to know that you’re wearing extensions if you have them applied by an expert in a hair extensions salon. But wait! Before you jump on the bandwagon to get the micro link hair extension, read below to find out what it is and its pros and cons.

What Are Micro Link Hair Extensions?

Micro link hair extensions are a type of hair extensions that are attached to your natural hair with the help of a silicon-lined bead. The strands of the extensions and your natural hair are inserted and then it is tightened and secured.

A great way to add length to your natural hair or add a lift and volume to your hair which will make them look healthy. The best part is that the extensions blend really well in your natural hair without making them look bulky or unnatural and they are close to the natural shade and texture of your hair.

However, everything comes with its set of pros and cons. so, if you wish to get micro link hair extensions in your hair, you should first know whether it has more advantages for you or more disadvantages.

Pros Of Micro Link Hair Extensions

If you have relatively fine, medium, or limp hair then you are lucky, because these extensions will work best for you.  The silicon beads can be easily attached to your hair strands and you can flaunt your thick, healthy, and long hair.

Better Than Others

These are the best type of hair extensions when compared to tape-in or sew-in hair extensions because they neither need to be sewed in nor taped or glued so these extensions will not cause damage to your natural hair strands at all.

No form of heat or chemicals are used in the application process either so they are completely safe for your hair.

Easy Application

The application process is extremely simple and quick and will take around an hour for it to be done, (also depends on your stylist). The other processes take a lot of time in the application.

They Blend Seamlessly With Hair

These micro link hair extensions blend seamlessly and naturally in your hair as there is no bulk, no braids, no chemicals, and no heat used. Also, the bead used is very small and looks completely natural when applied to your hair strands. They also work well on straight hair. So, if you have straight hair and got them done from a Brazilian blowout salon Potomac, you can have the extensions applied on your hair. No one would even know that you have applied extensions to your hair.

Easy To Maintain

They are easy to care for and maintain and you can go for any hairstyle or look for your hair. So, these extensions will offer versatility for your hair as well. They are generally very flexible and you will not feel any sort of stress or pressure on your scalp unless you scratch your head and only then you would know you have the micro link extensions on. This gives space for a lot of movement in your hair.

These extensions will set the ground for your new hair growth and you will get to know how you look in long hair and will be motivated to grow your hair long after the hair extensions.

Less Damaging To The Hair

These are best for your hair as they do not damage your hair and also do not hinder hair growth, unlike the tape-in and sew-in extensions which are pulled from the scalp and add further stress to your natural hair. The attached beads will help avoid breakage.


Micro link hair extensions are generally very durable and you can easily treat them like your own hair without worrying a bit.

Cons Of Micro Link Hair Extensions


The cost is the biggest con in the case of micro link hair extensions. The cost of the application is very high. But you can search around for recommendations and suggestions from the people who have gotten it done.

Improper Application Can Damage Your Hair

You should only get these micro link extensions installed by professionals and experts and not some new salon or beginners. Because improper application or installation of the beads too close to the scalp may result in damage.

Not getting micro link hair extensions properly installed may cause irritation, itching, discomfort, a tugging effect, and pain in your scalp and can damage your hair from within.  Also never attempt to install the extension by yourself as you can also damage your hair and would not even know the difference between good quality hair extensions and fake ones.

Not For Thick Hair

If you have very thick or relatively thick and healthy hair then these hair extensions are not for you. The small beads may get lost in the coarse hair and get tangled which can be damaging and hard to remove. Also, if your hair is really short, even then experts do not recommend installation of these extensions but you can still go for it if you prefer.

If the condition of your hair is brittle, weak, or damaged or you are going through breakage and hair fall, then these hair extensions are not recommended for you. Stressed hair may get further damaged with any type of extensions so first you should care for your hair, improve its quality and then opt for extensions.

Short Lifespan

The lifespan of the micro link hair extensions is very short. With proper care and maintenance, they would last you approximately 10 to 12 weeks and 4 months at the maximum. Even during that period, you will need to change and reinstall the beads by professionals every two months. This would further add to the cost of the installation.

After 4 months, it is advisable to get the extensions removed because then they might cause damage to the hair and you should give some breathing space to your hair and scalp.

No DIY Micro Link Extensions Removal

Never attempt to remove the hair extensions at home by yourself as they require specialized tools for removal. Even by professionals, the removal of the extensions may cause some sort of damage to your hair.

Need Frequent Adjustments For Fast-Growing Hair

If you have hair that grows very fast then surely as the new roots will grow, the micro link hair extensions will cause your hair to lag and the beads might come down. The lagging will lead to unnecessary pressure on the roots and scalp.

Although it is easy to maintain and you can style your hair as you prefer, it is advisable to not pull your hair too hard so as to not put further pressure on the roots of your hair.

Final Word

If you were on a hunt to find the best type of hair extensions available out there, then your hunt should end right here as you have found the answer to your question. But first, you should visit your stylist and have a detailed conversation regarding whether your hair and hair type is suitable for micro link hair extensions and ask in detail what you want and whether they will suit you or not and what will be the after-care measures.

Once you are satisfied, you should get hair extensions in salon Potomac also bearing the cost in mind and if you are willing to spend.

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