How To Get Hair Highlights Without Bleach

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I am sure all of us have stories related to our “oops” moment with the bleach. No doubt bleach can turn into a big disaster sometimes, especially for beginners. It is also harsh and damaging to your hair. But what if you want hair highlights? Only bleach can lift your dye. That’s it. End of the story. Nah! Let’s go for some slow yet natural alternatives when doing it at home without going to a hair highlights salon. Keep reading if you want to know how you can get hair highlights without bleach.

How Does Bleach Work?

Before going for some alternative, it’s good for you to know how bleach works. What makes it so easy to get hair highlights with bleach?

Bleach dissolves your base color or the artificial dye and helps your cuticles to lift the highlights. That’s it.

Bleach is harsh, and that’s how it is damaging yet convenient for quick processes. But, if you’re not satisfied using bleach, go for natural ways. They’re not as effective as bleach, but they do work.

What Are The Alternatives?

While getting hair highlights, there are two conditions. Either you have virgin hair or have some artificial dye already applied. You can use dye removers to get rid of the old dye and use another one of your choices in the latter case.

But, for the virgin hair, go for the natural ways.

Hair Highlighting Naturally

If you’re someone with dark hair, you might wonder that your blonde friends get to enjoy all the fun of hair coloring. Need a break from your dark hair? Hair highlights are the easiest way. Don’t worry about the bleach, do it naturally. Here are a few of my favorite hair highlighting techniques that you can use, depending upon your hair type and color.

Go For A Beach Vacation

You might be wondering, “Are you serious!” But wait, don’t be mad at me. I am serious. Basically, I am talking about sunlight. Sun is a 100% proven, natural way to lighten your hair color.

The sun rays react with air and affects the melanin in your hair to cause hair highlights. What do you say?

Isn’t it a win-win? Vacation and the salon at the same time. So, skip the hat and enjoy the waves. But, don’t forget to use a UV protectant hair spray to protect your hair from the harsh UV rays.

Lemon Juice

This isn’t some lemonade menu at your beach vacation. It’s an actual way to get hair highlights. Lemon can help accelerate the process under the sun. It is because the citrus in it is heat activated. So, when you go under the sun after applying lemon juice, the previous process of hair highlighting accelerates.

You can consider lemon juice a direct alternative to bleach. It is an excellent yet gentle oxidizing agent. And lemon is believed to reduce your hair pigmentation, even close to white.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For DIYers, apple cider vinegar is the solution to everything. It is a favorite ingredient for almost everything. Got pimples? Use ACV. Oily skin and open pores? Apple cider vinegar! Frizz? Apple Cider Vinegar.

And now you can use it for the hair highlights as well. It is acidic and helps balance out the pH of your hair. Dissolve ACV into five times more water and apply it over your hair strands. It’ll help highlight your hair as it dissolves excessive oils, dirt and residue.

Make sure you shampoo your hair well. And then, before conditioning, pour ACV on your hair. Rinse it after 30 minutes. Now you can continue with the conditioner.

Chamomile Tea

What does bleach do? It fades your color. And so do chamomile tea. I found it to be my favorite alternative, as it helps you the same way with zero damage on cuticles. Yes, the changes are slow and not drastic as bleach. But, at least it’s safe. Isn’t it what you want?

Even if you don’t want hair highlights, I suggest you use chamomile tea over your hair. It rejuvenates your dull hair giving them a healthy and fresh glow.

You apply chamomile before the shower. And then, let it sit for 30 minutes. After that, you can carry on with your usual routine. Also, you can go lay in the sun for faster results while chamomile is in your hair.

Furthermore, if you need quick results, we suggest that you should head to a balayage salon and get your favorite shade. hypno

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