What To Know About Keratin Treatment

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Who doesn’t want smooth shiny hair instead of frizzy and dry hair? They feel amazing. They look amazing. They are amazing. Keratin treatments salons offer such solutions that will transfer your life and make your hair go from a 4 to 10/10. Keratin treatment has been in the top trending since it joined the market, but there is still so much that you need to know before getting the treatment. We’re here to let you know everything that you must know before getting the treatment and assess yourself if you are a good candidate for keratin treatment.

Does Your Hair Qualify?

For someone who has thick, long, curly, untamed hair that requires a lot of conditioning and blow drying after every time you wash your hair, your hair definitely qualify as a perfect candidate to get keratin treatment by hair stylists. But for someone who already has less volume of hair and are straight and maintained, it is advised that you don’t undergo the process. You can use hair extensions for updating appearance. There are chemicals involved that may or may not give you an allergic reaction and as much as the stylists insist upon it being safe, it is not all-natural.

Always get a consultation with the best of the best keratin treatment hair stylists, and let them know the history of your hair experiences. Don’t beat around the bush and be honest if you have had any chemical treatment on hair before, or else don’t be surprised if keratin treatment backfires and you end up at a place worse than where you started from.

How Long Does Keratin Treatment Last?

It generally depends upon the nature of your hair along with other factors that depend upon how you are taking care of your hair after getting the treatment done. Make sure to use not-more-than-necessary amount of chemicals on your hair.

Keratin treatment typically last from anywhere between 3 to 6 months. However, it is best if you get the treatment done for no more than twice a year if you must.

You Would Have To Keep Away From Sulfates

Sulfate is the prime culprit behind the wear and tear of your hair. Just keep away from them before and after the treatment to spare yourself the exposure to harsh chemicals. Likewise, keep your hair a good distance away from salt to that they don’t come into contact with your hair.

The Cheapest Option Is Never the Best

Your hair are no experimental models. If you think keratin treatment is too expensive on your budget then it’s better for you to now get the treatment done rather than getting it done at extremely cheap rates.

The amount that is charged may range you anything from $250 to $500 for the hair treatment. If keratin treatment salons charge anything less than that then don’t get too excited over the cheap rates. Instead inquire and challenge. Don’t just buy into their product for it might be a fraud. Check their reviews and start investigating. If the prices are so low there is a very likely chance that the keratin treatment hairstylists are not an expert in their field or the product they use is of low quality. Which, honestly, is sort of justified considering the low rates.

Challenge the Experience of the Hairstylists

Don’t hesitate before asking your keratin treatment hairstylist their qualification in hairstyling. You hair are on the line here. One wrong move and you will end up a couple more years waiting for your hair to grow back in its natural form.

It Should Be Done by an Experienced Hairstylist

Keratin treatment is a life saver for people with curly or thick hair, but it’s also involves harmful chemicals like formaldehyde which is a carcinogen. So, the treatment requires a skillful hairstylist who knows how to do it efficiently and safely.

Better Than Heat Styling Everyday

Don’t get us wrong. Keratin treatment also involves high levels of heat which is not that good for hair, but would you want your hair to go through the high heat every day or only one time in six months? This one question sums up why getting keratin treatment by hair stylist twice a year is better than heat styling your hair each and every day. hypno

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