Different types of construction cranes

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A crane is a derrick or a tower that features pulleys and cables that lower and lift different materials. Commonly, they are used in the manufacturing of large equipment and are specifically used in the construction industry. Most of the cranes tend to be temporary structures that are either mounted on a custom vehicle or fixed on the ground for industrial rigging purposes.

Cranes are either controlled using a cab that transports them or are operated by a certified crane operator. Furthermore, radio type controls are also used to operate cranes sometimes. Just like all other big machinery on construction sites, the crane operators are responsible for safe operation of cranes on a construction site.

What are the different types of construction cranes?

There are a number of different types of construction cranes that construction managers should know about. In this article, we will discuss the ones that are most commonly used. These include the following:

Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes are very versatile, and a standard crane type that is used in the construction industry. It is also referred to as a mobile hydraulic crane. This type of crane has a telescopic boom that is fixed on a movable platform. This platform could be a cat truck, or a rail. Furthermore, the boom has a hinge at the bottom end which is lowered or raised with the help of cables.

The biggest benefit of mobile cranes is that they are very versatile. As a result of this, many construction managers prefer this. With other cranes, it is often very difficult to move the crane in the correct position to lift a heavy object. In this regard, mobile cranes work just wonderfully.

Telescopic crane

Telescopic cranes have a boom that has a number of tubes built inside each other. By using a hydraulic mechanism, these tubes extent out to decrease or increase the boom length. Most of the construction cranes in the construction industry today make use of a telescopic boom.

The prime benefit of the telescopic crane is the long boom length, which means that the crane can lift relatively bigger objects with great ease.

Loader crane

Loader crane is also referred to as a folding boom crane. This type of crane makes use of an articulated arm that is powered by a hydraulic system. Loader cranes are particularly used to load equipment to trailers.

It features a number of sections that get folded when the crane is not being used. Over the years, these cranes have increased in their capacity dramatically. Currently in the market, folding boom cranes with a capacity of 200 tons are also used.

Overheard crane

Overheard cranes are also known as suspended cranes. These cranes are usually used inside factories, and carry a very high capacity. Overheard cranes of even larger capacities are very commonly found in outdoor manufacturing plants and shipyards.

It consists of a hoist set on trolleys, that movie along two or a single beam in one direction. The trolley itself moves in angles to that particular direction.

Overheard cranes are also sometimes found in very big industries that require regular lifting of heavy objects throughout the manufacturing plant. For instance, the automobile industry regularly employs these type of cranes.

Truck mounter crane

As the name suggests, a truck mounted crane features a boom that is fixed on a truck with rubber tires. This increases the overall mobility of the train, providing it greater stability. They are versatile in the sense that they are very mobile and can lift weight up to 50 tons.

Ending note

Based on the industry usage, the types of cranes are endless. However, the ones that we have mentioned above are very commonly found in various industries, construction sites, and manufacturing plant. So before you rent crane truck VA, it is very important to determine your primary purpose and the type of crane that you need.

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