What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of A Knee Sprain

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Knee sprains happen a lot, and they are quite common in people. To find out more about the main causes and symptoms of knee sprains and how knee specialists treat them, keep on reading.

What Is A Knee Sprain?

A knee sprain is a different form of knee injury which is not associated with the bone. Most knee injuries you might have heard of are related to the bones breaking around your knee which causes a lot of pain.

A knee sprain, however, is a type of injury in which your ligaments are torn or overstretched. It causes some prohibition in movement, but it doesn’t lock your knees like a bone related injury. In a sprained knee, you will feel some stretching sensation in your knee when you try to move it.

It can happen very commonly in a lot of people because some types of movement can cause your ligaments to lose their momentum and become torn or stretched. Torn ligaments will cause more pain than overstretched ligaments. Torn ligaments, if the severity is too much, need to be fused together again via a surgical procedure.

If a knee sprain is neglected with time, it can cause major problems like bone diseases and arthritis, which are not pleasant at all. This is why you need to see a doctor immediately in case you feel stretching in your knee along with pain. You will be doing your knee and yourself a huge favor by doing so.

What Are The Causes Of A Knee Sprain?

Now that you know what a knee sprain is, here are some causes which can lead to a sprained knee and a lot of pain.

  • Abrupt movements in certain sports and positions can cause the knee to jolt out of its place and it can cause a sprained knee.
  • Your ACL might be injured due to whatever reason and this can cause a sprained knee as well, if you don’t get it checked out right away.
  • Over bending and over straightening your knee to the point of an injury can cause your knee ligaments to become torn and it can cause a very uncomfortable sensation in your knees, which is mostly a sprain.
  • If you play a lot of sports, this can cause your knee to become sprained because there are a lot of fast and abrupt movements in many sports, so it is highly probable that you suffer from a sprain or tear in the ligament of your knee.
  • Not keeping your knee flexible can also cause sprains in it more often. Try to alleviate the tension in your knees by bending it adequately and doing yoga and stretching exercises.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Sprained Knee?

Here are some symptoms of knee sprains which will help you out in identifying a knee sprain so that you can get it checked with a doctor.

  • If you have sprained your knee, you will feel weakness in your knees.
  • You will feel a stretch in your knees which can also be felt if you put your hand on your knee and move your knee. You will feel an abrasive movement below your skin, this is usually the torn or injured ligament. The stretching sensation is usually a sprain and you need to get it checked by a doctor immediately.
  • If your ligament is torn, you might experience swelling around your knee. This is highly alarming and you need to go to a doctor for a deeper look and a treatment otherwise this swelling can mess up with your nerve endings and other muscles near your knees.
  • You will also feel that your knees buckle easily when you have a sprain in them. The knees are not able to hold on to your weight for much longer.
  • A tender feeling and warm tingling sensation is also felt when you sprain your knee.


There you have it! Now you know everything there is to know about knee sprains and how they are caused and what are their possible symptoms. Set an appointment with a knee injury doctor McLean for diagnosis and treatment of a sprained knee. Don’t delay the treatment as it could make the matter worse.

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