Reasons you Are Not Able to Lose Weight

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You have followed customized healthy diet plan for weight loss from long and you have visited your dietician regularly but you didn’t get any positive result. You did everything that has been mentioned to you like take walks, regular exercises and almost every tip that was given to you. But, still you failed to reduce those extra pounds that have been a matter of concern. There are some basic mistakes that you may be unknowingly following and that may be the cause of the issue. Here are some common mistakes that are leading to weight gain.

Sipping Calories

This one is the most common mistakes, we all may be making while on weight loss program. The beverages that we drink have a lot of calories like alcohol, soda, canned juices, tea, coffee and smoothies. All these have a lot of calories and at the same time they would not satisfy your hunger.

Large Portion to Eat

You will be suggested to eat in portions and regular portions to maintain a healthy weight but we are used to eat in large portions. Whenever we eat at restaurants or at home, we don’t measure our food and consume in good quality. Replace your large bowls and plate with smaller ones. This would help you to come at smaller portions to eat.

Pacing to Eat

We are always busy and rushing in our schedules and have almost no time to eat. Due to this, we eat so fast that the satisfactory level of feeling full is achieved only after you have done overeating. This is the prime reason of all that you are unable to lose weight. Stop this habit if you are following any diet plan. You can also switch to eat with family or friends than alone. It will help you to keep a check to mindless eating that generally happens when you are eating in your own thoughts and with watching television.

By following all these tips and correcting wrong methods to eat along with a healthy diet plan to lose weight will give you positive results soon. You should also indulge regular exercises and activities to keep yourself active and fit. Weight loss is more a result of many wrong habits along with wrong type of food intake. Just correcting the type of food to eat would not give you results. You will have to pay equal attention to all the habits that are contributing to weight gain.

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