You can certainly lose weight without exercise!

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Many people would not agree, but research proves beyond a doubt that you can lose weight without exercise. Are you going to believe that? Did you think that particular diets alone or rigid exercise schedules would effectively lose weight? Well, the procedures described here make a lot of sense if you think about them logically. Begin to practice some methods and soon feel a difference.

Lose weight by gentle means

Avoid the harshness of rigid diets that often do not really work. Exercise can be punishing for some people, though there is no harm in the time honored walking, cycling and swimming to tone muscles and burn calories. Some common sense steps like drinking a glass of water before food induces a feeling of fullness and thus overeating could be avoided. Doctors always advise the 2 liters of water each day, which is appropriate. Do not take sugary drinks. Avoid smart phones and television while you eat. Practice a stress free life and sleep well, maybe with the magic of meditation.

Eat a lot of protein

Depending upon food habits that may differ across communities, changing from a grain based diet to a protein rich menu would help drastically. Protein reduces appetite and increases fullness. As a result, you experience less hunger and calorie consumption is less. How does it happen? Protein influences hormones that indicate hunger like ghrelin.

Perhaps a regular diet of eggs for breakfast would supply the protein required and make the crucial difference. In a study, overweight women with such a breakfast, ate fewer calories at lunchtime. If customs allow it, other protein rich foods would be fish and chicken among meat eaters. Vegetarian foods include lentils, almonds and quinoa besides Greek yogurt.

Among various researches, one study found that 11 pounds were lost in 12 weeks by merely increasing protein intake from 15% to twice the percentage and no other restrictions. Over 400 calories less was eaten each day! It is quite certain that protein alone will result in weight loss without further fuss about exercise or diet control.

Include fiber-rich foods in the diet!

Like drinking water, fiber and particularly viscous fiber, increases the satiety criteria, thus you eat less since you feel full for longer duration after eating. Thus, food consumption is rather reduced, leading to weight loss. Viscous fiber creates a gel that shows down the assimilation process and remains in the stomach longer. Such fiber is native to plants such as asparagus, flax seeds, oranges and beans. Nobody objects to vegetable diets anyway. The best diet programs would not be as effective as proteins and fiber to lose weight.

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