7 Tips On How To Plan An Engagement Party

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While you are head over heels in love with your significant other and are proudly showing your sparkly finger, you also need to prepare a plan to break the news to your near and dear ones. Once you and your partner are lovingly engaged, you tend to celebrate your happiness with close friends and family. An engagement party is a prerequisite of your wedding celebrations and though not as grand but still requires thorough planning with planners and party and tent rentals. You need to consider many things before you plan an engagement party. If you are a first timer or need help in planning an engagement party then read below the following.

Who’s Hosting?

If you are having an engagement party then the question is who is hosting the party? Generally, as per the tradition, the bride’s parents usually host the engagement party. But now times have changed and anyone can opt for hosting, the grandparents do it sometimes out of love, or the friends of the bride and groom or even the loving couple can celebrate and host a party.

The Budget

First and foremost, you need to decide the budget for the party and the rest of the things will follow. The budget will be decided by the people who will be hosting the engagement party. If you and your lover are hosting then it’s in your hands. When you get to decide the budget, you can further proceed with the planning.

The Venue

After the budget and the host, you need to see where to host the party. Do you need a bug venue or a small one? Should it be a backyard, a beach, an open land, a formal hall or a hotel? You will need to decide according to your preferences what type of environment you need.

The Guests List

Engagement party is not supposed to be as grand as the wedding event or its other functions but it is going to be an event. So, you will need to invite people for it. Make sure that whoever you invite should be invited to the wedding as well. The affair should be with close friends and family. The number of guests also depends on the budget and venue and how many people could be accommodated. It is better to invite people a good 3 months before so they can be available. Also, you need to decide whether it is a no kids or a with kids event so the guests can do the necessary preparations.

The Theme

Next comes the theme of the party. You are free to decide the theme, but make sure it goes with your engagement party. A colorful theme or a pool party or some Disney or other theme will not be suitable for an engagement. It should be formal such as a cocktail party or an 80s theme or even an Indian theme.

The Menu

After everything is done, you need to decide the menu of the engagement party. The menu should coincide with the theme of the party as well as the venue and budget. You can go for a buffet setting or stick to one cuisine such as Italian or Chinese. You can have various food options for your guests if they have any food allergies or are vegan. A dessert bar would look sophisticated. But if your event is in your backyard then a barbeque would be a great option.

The Invites

Party invites are another important thing to consider. Online invites, phone calls, messages or emails can be done but it would be better to send printed cards with the location, time, theme and what kind of attire to wear at the event should be listed. You can also include a section of the gift registry in the invites. Mostly guests bring gifts in the wedding but some do at engagements as well. So, you can list your early wedding registry if someone wants to give you a gift or you can tell them to donate in your name as that will be a good gesture.


Remember to stick to the stuff you decide, hire the right party rentals Rockland NY, and do not alter things with time or get nervous as this could prolong your planning. Enjoy!

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